These are the baby monitors that will help you rest easier

Nanit versus Owlet? Miko versus Cubo? Baby monitors have come such a long way from what our parents had when we were young. They aren’t just essentially one-way radios anymore; these are high-tech gadgets that come in a bunch of choices. There are more baby monitors out there than there are sleepless nights in your future. And with so much already on your mind being the parent of a baby, wading through a million different monitor options, all promising to be the absolute best on the market, isn’t exactly easy. There are so many to choose from, and each one does something just a little bit different. That’s where we come in. We’re here to help you sort through all the best baby monitor details.

We’ve done the research and compiled a list of the best monitors on the market. From wearables to AI to the high-tech video monitors, we’ve got you covered. You can do all the comparisons right here (afterall, the Nanit versus Owlet debate is a hot-button topic in the parenting world). So whether you’re up late rocking a newborn, looking to upgrade your existing monitor, or shopping for a baby shower gift, we’ve got it all right here.

Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor


A contact-free, real-time respiratory baby monitor, the Miku Pro tracks your little one's breathing and sleep without the use of wearables. That means babies can sleep in any clothing, in any position (both within those infant safety guidelines your pediatrician shared with you), and you can still use this monitor as your child gets older. Create customizable alerts to track movement, sleep, sounds, temperature, humidity and more. The monitor can also play white noise and lullabies to help put your little bundle of joy to sleep. Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor ($389.98)—Buy Here!

Nanit Pro Monitor & Complete Monitoring System


The Nanit Pro camera (available on its own or in a bundle) tracks baby's sleep metrics, breathing motion, temperature, humidity and even height while saving images on crystal-clear HD video. The complete monitoring system bundle includes the camera, a Breathing Band to monitor baby's breathing motion, and Smart Sheets that tracks physical growth. The camera comes with a wall mount; or you can snag a floor stand. You can also purchase Nanit Pajamas, which monitor baby's breathing motion in real time without wires or sensors and alerts you when your they need you. Nanit Pro Monitor & Complete Monitoring System ($379.00)—Buy Here!

Cubo AI Baby Monitor

Cubo AI

There's a lot of sophisticated technology packed inside this cute, bird-shaped monitor. The Cubo uses face detection technology to alert you if your baby's mouth and nose may be covered, either from rolling over on their tummy or having an item covering their face. Set the danger zone alert to let you know if your baby is scaling their crib, or position it around the house to know when your child is too close to the stairs or other potentially unsafe areas. A text alert pops up on your phone when Cubo detects your child's cry. And the AI is even smart enough to notice smiles and larger movements and automatically take photos of them for your viewing pleasure.

Other features include 1080p HD night vision, a wide-angle (135-degree) viewing area, 18-hour video replay, built-in nightlight, temperature & humidity gauge and 4x digital zoom. Three included stands (crib stand, floor stand, and mobile stand) means the monitor grows with your child. Cubo AI Baby Monitor ($299.00)—Buy Here!

Owlet Cam

Owlet Baby Care

This clever camera rests on a magnetic base so you can position it wherever you like; then use the included cable guard kit to secure cables out of baby's reach. There's a secure, encrypted WiFi connection to keep out hackers, but you and other loved ones can view your child on high-definition 1080p video on your phone. Set the Owlet app in Background Mode and you can hear your baby while you use your phone for other tasks. Owlet Cam ($99.99)—Buy Here!

Oma Sense Baby Breathing Movement Monitor by Levana


This breathing monitor clips on to baby's clothing to monitor stomach movements. If a lack of movement is detected, the monitor vibrates to stimulate the baby and alerts you to the situation. If there's still no movement, the monitor emits an emergency audio alarm so you can check on your baby. Cordless and battery powered, you can easily pop it in a diaper bag for overnights at grandma's house or longer trips. Oma Sense Baby Breathing Movement Monitor by Levana ($82.99)—Buy Here!

Angelcare 3-in-1 Baby Monitor


A 5-inch touchscreen provides clear night vision of your sleeping babe as well as an easy way to access the unit's settings. The unit in the nursery can be placed on a tabletop or the wall transmits a clear image and displays the room's temperature. The monitor comes with a wireless baby movement sensor pad to monitor baby's movement; the monitor sounds if no movement is detected for 15 seconds. Angelcare 3-in-1 Baby Monitor ($274.99)—Buy Here!

The Lollipop


If you're not into wearable monitors, the Lollipop is a great option. AI technology monitors your babe's breathing and filters out ambient noise like wind to accurately alert you when crying is detected. With 1080p Full HD quality, checking on your baby through the Lollipop live feed on your tablet or smartphone from anywhere you are is no problem. You can even set a border inside the camera view to track movements in your baby’s crib. If anything happens outside the border, you’ll be notified. The Lollipop ($159.99)—Buy Here!


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