The Best Backyard Ninja Warrior Courses for Kids

photo: Pasco County Schools via Flickr

Backyard obstacle courses are the perfect pastime for kids who love to run, jump and climb. Add a “Ninja Warrior” title and your kids will be even more devoted to the game. So where do you start? Here’s how to build a Ninja course with what you’ve got — or what to buy if you want to go really, really big — courtesy of Pinterest.

Got an old swing set? Use it as the bones for this awesome Ninja Warrior course that even Mom and Dad will want to try. 

Looking for something a little simpler? This course takes some DIY-ing, but if you can get a few pieces of wood and know how to use a drill, it’s not too hard to make. 

Want an improvised sort of course? This hodgepodge of kids toys work perfectly. 

Or, if you only have one thing for your little ninjas, let it be pool noodles. 

For those really hot days, this water obstacle course is fun (and you probably already have all the supplies!)

Oh, and if you’ve got two trees spaced the right distance apart, you’re going to want one of these for your budding ninjas:

If it’s raining, you can always bring the fun inside!

Do you have any suggestions for how to build a little Ninja Warrior-worthy obstacle course? Tell us in the comments below.


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