Best Eco-Friendly Toys

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With so many green labels popping up everywhere, it’s easy to get bamboozled with where to go and what to get for eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable toys this holiday season. So we’ve drummed up some of our favorites for you to check out. From a pull-along pooch to a stuffed moose head made out of old woolens, you’ll have plenty to pick from! We want to hear from you — what is your favorite eco-friendly toy this year?

1. Recycled Glass Seahorse Light
Nighttime is instantly transformed into an undersea environment with this fun and cute recycled glass seahorse night light. The soft green light won’t wake up your sleeping kiddo, and the the colorful glass is made from 100% post-consumer bottle glass.
Cost: $38
Ages: All

2. Sarah’s Silks Reversible Crown
Fir for a queen or king, this silk crown is adorned with fine jewels and stitched with matching trim just for your little lords and ladies. The crown is also reversible and adjustable, with rainbow blue on one side and sky blue on the other.
Cost: $20
Ages: 3 and up

3. Eco-Dough
We all know that bits of play dough are going to end up in the mouths of little ones. So why not make sure they’re safe with Eco-Dough? All ingredients are things you would have in your kitchen, with a little non toxic water color mixed in. The glass jars help keep the dough from drying out, giving it a solid consistency for kids to roll it and squish it around.
Cost: $24.00
Ages: 2 and up

4. Plan Toy Solid Wood Drum
We know what you’re thinking, giving your child a drum will probably result in you pulling out your hair. But not with this little guy–the sounds are soft, melodic, and even, with different spots on the drum head producing different sounds. Made from recycled rubber wood, this little toy also works on kids’ fine motor skills and coordination.
Cost: $19.99
Ages: 1.5 years and up

5. Tree to Be Kit
Baby’s first Christmas? Mark the occassion with a living gift that will grow as your child does. Within a year, this beautiful tulip tree can be moved from pot to yard where it will bloom for years to come. Made in the USA, this tree comes from farms on the East Coast.
Cost: $22
Ages: All

6. Maxim EverEarth Pull Along Dog
Your kid will have tons of fun pulling their very own pet pooch around the house. Made from hard wood that comes from renewable forests and painted with water color based paint, this rolly toy will make a great companion this holiday season.
Cost: $8.99
Ages: 18 months and up

7. Bathtub Ball
Turn bath time in fun time with these natural rubber (BPA free) toys. Featuring an assortment of undersea characters, you kids will have fun both in the bath and in the pool. The ball doubles as a carrying case for the toys and a shark cage for the adventurous rubber diver.
Cost: $22.00
Ages: 3 and up

8. Hape Balance Boat
We love toys that engage and challenge kidss minds. That’s why this balance puzzle is a must-have for this holiday season. Stack the pieces to keep the boat from tipping over. It’s made of sustainable natural wood and finished with child-safe, non-toxic water-based paints.
Price: $25.00
Ages: 2 and Up

9. Eco Bonks
Some toys just can’t stand up to the test of a rambunctious kid, but these eco bonks take a hit and pop right back up. Manufactured in the USA with BPA-free plastics, they’re covered with a removable 100% cotton cover that is also machine washable. Your kids will get a kick out of  all the cute creatures like Logan the energetic penguin or Jackson the tenacious Grizzly Bear.
Price: $38.00-$60.00
Ages: 2 and up

10. Upcycled Sweater Moose Head
Looking for a quirky addition to your child’s playroom? Mounted on certified sustainable wood, this moose head comes from used and discarded woolens. Each one is handmade, so your kiddo will have a one-of-a-kind piece that is sure to be a hot topic of conversation.
Price: $50.00
Ages: All

What is your favorite eco-friendly gift? Let us know in the comment section below!

— Lauren Dupuis