There’s just something that feels grown up about having houseplants. A little green (or red, or pink, or orange) around your home really makes a huge difference in the overall vibe and just really freshens up your space. But, even though so many of us became avid green thumbs when we had a ton of time on our hands in 2020 (c’mon, you remember), it’s 2024 and, well, we’re a little busier. Faux is the way to go if you’re short on time, but finding the best fake plants is tricky when there are so many not-so-great ones out there.

These are some of the best fake plants we’ve come across in our search for effortless additions to our home decor game. The trick is keeping an eye out for a little bit of “imperfection”. Live plants include variations in color, texture, and size, so a plastic fern with zero “flaws” takes away from the organic vibes we’re trying to cultivate (pardon the pun). Also, consider these beauties an investment. The occasional wipe-down with a soft cloth and some weekly fluffing keep these artificial plants looking their best, so they’re well-worth investing in!

6ft Maza Artificial Bird of Paradise Potted Plant

large bird of paradise faux plant in front of window

This beautiful bird of paradise from ArtiPlant is such a great addition to any room. With true-to-life silk leaves, detailed mixed dried stems, and real bark, you can adjust the stems to create any look you want!

6ft Maza Artificial Bird of Paradise Potted Plant ($195.00)—Buy Now!

Faux Succulent Arrangement

CG Hunter on Amazon

Looking for some extra color in your space? This gorgeous faux succulent arrangement by CG Hunter on Amazon is perfect for a tabletop or shelf and includes a trendy round planter!

Faux Succulent Arrangement ($149.99)—Buy Here!

28" Artificial Palm Plant Arrangement

faux palm on stack of books by easy chair

Showcasing realistic green palm stems arranged together inside a pot for lush volume and texture, this artificial palm arrangement adds a summery touch year-round! The palm is a classic, so you can really add it to any room in your home.

28" Artificial Palm Plant Arrangement ($25.00)—Buy Here!

Faux Potted Donkey Tail Plant

two donkey tail faux houseplants
West Elm

How fun are these donkey tail faux plants? They're available in two sizes and include the fluted planter, too. Sold separately.

Faux Potted Donkey Tail Plant ($39.00)—Buy Here!


Potted Quince Leaf Tree

a faux quince plant in living room
Birch Lane

This 72in quince leaf tree from Birch Lane isn't your average fake ficus. It comes with a plastic planter, but if you want to replicate this look, check out the Eli Ficonstone Indoor/Outdoor Planters!

Potted Quince Leaf Tree ($329.00)—Buy Here!

40" Tall Artificial Croton Plant

faux croton plant
Home Depot

Talk about a burst of color, no flowers required. This vibrant faux croton plant includes a cement base for stability and realistic moss to keep it looking oh-so natural!

40" Tall Artificial Croton Plant ($55.99)—Buy Here!

26" Big Red Faux Agave Plant

big red aloe plant in boho style living room

This Big Red agave faux plant is an instant mood-booster. With hearty leaves with realistic jagged edges, the dramatic colors make this a statement plant.

26" Big Red Faux Agave Plant ($89.00)—Buy Here!

68'' Faux Dracaena Tree

faux plant in living room by window
Joss & Main

With glossy leaves and natural stone rocks, this Dracaena tree adds a pop of rich green and includes a chic ceramic planter.

68'' Faux Dracaena Tree ($193.00)—Buy Here!

Faux Wandering Prayer Houseplant

small green wandering prayer plant
Pottery Barn

The prayer plant’s velvety-green leaves are so detailed that they even include reddish-pink veins, adding a splash of color and ultra-realistic style. Another bonus? Each leaf is made using upcycled fabric!

Faux Wandering Prayer Houseplant ($49.50)—Buy Here!

4' Tall Artificial Cactus in Pot

faux cactus next to sofa in living room
Hopewood on Amazon

This one is a serious stunner. It's giving Emerald City vibes, especially with the included frosted gold stainless steel pot! (Quick note: we highly recommend explaining cactus safety with your kiddos, especially if you have a non-harmful faux cactus in your home. It's easy for little ones to think all cacti are safe to touch, so it's definitely worth going over with them.)

4' Tall Artificial Cactus in Pot ($189.99)—Buy Here!

5' Faux Dracaena Tree

faux Dracaena Tree in living room next to fireplace

The height variety of this dracaena tree makes it perfect for freshening up any space, but we think an office or dining room would be especially perfect!

5' Faux Dracaena Tree ($34.99)—Buy Here!

30" Silver Queen Silk Floor Plant


This pretty floor plant is exclusive to Petals, so it's a unique one! We're also fans of being able to choose from different containers to fit your aesthetic.

30" Silver Queen Silk Floor Plant ($129.00)—Buy Here!

Panama 37'' Faux Bonsai Tree

faux bonsai tree

This fun 37" faux bonsai features a dramatic, curvy trunk and each small branch tipped with tufts of moss-like leaves. It includes a black plastic pot and is dotted with fake pebbles at the base for a natural look.

Panama 37'' Faux Bonsai Tree ($206.69)—Buy Here!

31" Faux Potted Philodendron Gloriosum


The philodendron from CB2 almost looks like a sculpture, thanks to the organic-looking trunk and varigated leaves.  It comes in a ceramic pot, but CB2's planters are also well worth checking out!

31" Faux Potted Philodendron Gloriosum ($129.00)—Buy Here!

24" Golden Dieffenbachia Silk Plant


This emerald green gradient golden dieffenbachia silk plant is so lifelike and includes a really cool hexagon planter for some extra detail.

24" Golden Dieffenbachia Silk Plant ($62.99)—Buy Here!

Faux Potted Bursera Plant

faux bursera plant in brown pot on rustic table
West Elm

This rustic bursera plant creates a lot of interest without the fuss. There's even a bundle option to include the great urn for a full look that's basically effortless!

Faux Potted Bursera Plant ($119.00)—Buy Here!

Faux Succulents in Geo Ceramic Pots, Set of 4

set of 4 faux succulents in white pots
World Market

A window ledge, desk, or bedside table are just a few places these sweet little faux succulents would fit perfectly!

Faux Succulents in Geo Ceramic Pots, Set of 4 ($27.96)—Buy Here!

6.5' Artificial Golden Cane Palm Tree

Nearly Natural on Amazon

Holy lush, Batman! That empty corner of your home is absolutely begging for this bold golden cane palm tree from Nearly Natural.

6.5' Artificial Golden Cane Palm Tree ($77.74)—Buy Here!

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