Now that the brutal winter chill is gone, we’re excited about the prospect of getting up and getting moving this spring. Our all-star lineup of our favorite family fitness picks is your go-to guide for getting started. Whether you’re an experienced exercise enthusiast or just starting to find your stride, we have some of the best family fitness gear for you and the crew to keep you going all season!

flat lay of suspension fitness training system
DICK'S Sporting Goods

TRX FIT Suspension Trainer

$100 BUY NOW

We're really big fans of products that do it all, and the TRX FIT Suspension Trainer is one of them! This total-body fitness system relies on your body weight for resistance and allows you to focus on strength training, cardio, yoga, HIIT, pilates, and more. It comes with two anchoring options, too, so you can take your workout anywhere!

grey jogging stroller

Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller

$340 BUY NOW

Having a little one doesn't have to mean you have to give up your favorite walks or runs! This jogging stroller offers a suspension designed for any terrain and a one-hand folding frame, so you can get out there with less fuss. Make sure to check out the great ratings, too!

stack of black interlocking foam gym floor tiles

Interlocking Gym Floor Mat Tiles


If you can't make it to the gym, make the gym come to you! This set of interlocking puzzle-style floor tiles covers up to 24 square feet of space and can be customized into any shape to fit your space, allowing all your family fitness gear to stay in one place.

feet on balancing board
Uncommon Goods

Standing Desk Balancing Board

$170 BUY NOW

Upgrade your standing desk game with this Standing Desk Balance Board! With adjustable difficulty and a design that's easy on all floors, this is an awesome way to break up your day and keep moving!

Fat Brain Toys

Gonge Riverstones


While you're getting your balance on at your desk, get your kiddos hopping with these Gonge Riverstones! These non-slip "stones" are fantastic for honing balance and fine motor skills, and they'll love going from a simple jump pattern to more advanced scrabbled patterns.


Smart Weighted Fitness Hoop


Super fun, and, quite frankly, feels pretty darn good, this weighted hula hoop system is perfect if you're looking for a less-intense, low-impact workout that doesn’t require a ton of equipment!


Pilates Bar Kit


Everything you need for your Pilates practice in one kit! It's a full gym set and fully adjustable so it can be used by the family.


Exercise Dice


The best way to get the whole fam moving? Make it fun! These fitness dice shake up the usual routine and make it easy to get everyone's blood pumping.


Home Gym Exercise Mat


Creating a designated workout space doesn't have to mean adding on a room to your house! Throw down this protective mat and set up your home gym in any corner! It also comes in 3 colors.


MoveActive Grip Socks


Stay balanced with grippy socks from MoveActive! They come in a bunch of colors and styles so everything from yoga to Pilates and weight training feels a lot more secure!


EASYFEET Athletic Insoles


Shoes not offering enough support? Super-charge them with high-grade shock absorption with gel forefoot and heel pads enhance cushioning. These athletic insoles offer a foam layer that provides comfort from heel to toe. The velvety breathable cover provides foot comfort, too!


FORME Fitness Mirror

$2500 BUY NOW

Bring the trainer into your home with the award-winning FORME Fitness Mirror! The modular fitness mirror provides a host of classes such as boxing, meditation, yoga, HIIT plus live 1:1 personal training with a trainer who tracks performance from week to week and provides on-the-spot feedback for improving technique and overall fitness.

Sweat Shaper

Sweat Shaper


Although this one definitely isn't for kiddos, the Sweat Shaper is an easy way to add an extra layer to your workouts!





Did we mention how much we love fitness games? Fitdeck offers 50 different exercise cards that don't require equipment and are easy for kiddos to do!

Born Toys

Born Toys Pretend Play Gym Set


For your little-littles, this play gym is perfect for getting them used to moving with the whole family, without them playing with equipment that could be dangerous.


Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course


They've seen the show; now give your kiddos the excitement of becoming a real Ninja Warrior thanks to this complete set!


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