Our 19 Favorite Gifts for Kids Ages 6-9

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They may be “big kids” now, but they’re still littles at heart. As such, grade-schoolers need toys that can both wow them and teach them; entertain and challenge them—and there are no shortage of options! From handheld drones and high-flying footballs to American Girl sets and LEGO kits, here are our holiday gift picks for grade school kids. 

Little Tikes Tobi 2 Robot Smartwatch

$68   BUY NOW

This super-cool smartwatch is perfect for kids who want a high-tech model just like yours. With two cameras, fitness-tracking abilities, 50+ watch faces and the chance to go head-to-head in games with other Tobi 2 Robot Smartwatches, there is plenty of fun to be had.

Adventures with Luigi Starter Course

$60   BUY NOW

Whether your kid is a gamer or a builder, they'll love this LEGO set that comes with pieces that work just like the Super Mario Brothers video game. As kids embark on a digital coin-collecting spree through the self-constructed course, Luigi's tiny LCD screen displays various reactions, while his speaker plays songs from the video game.

Rebel Girls Postcards

$20   BUY NOW

Fans of Goodnight Stories of Rebel Girls will love this postcard pack featuring 50 world-changing women—from First Lady Michelle Obama to the Syrian refugee and Olympic swimmer Yusra Mardini. Each card contains a short bio and a quote, plus Rebel's signature artwork. Use them as conversation starters at dinner—or send one to a friend or family member to spread the knowledge.

Sonic Fin Aerodynamic Football

$15   BUY NOW

Think your budding quarterback can't make a 100-yard throw? Think again. This aerodynamic football—endorsed by NFL quarterback Russell Wilson—is designed for max distance, without max effort.

Little Tikes Tobi 2 Interactive Karaoke Machine

$52   BUY NOW

With this interactive karaoke machine, the whole family can enjoy a night of tunes. Take advantage of built-in songs or connect to an external smart device to play your favorite jams via Bluetooth® technology. Either way, the pitch correction feature will help you hit those high notes.

Treasury of Magical Tales From Around the World

$22   BUY NOW

This gorgeous book from National Geographic brings you stories from Ecuador, Italy, Morocco and other far-off lands that teach lessons and inspire readers both young and old.

American Girl Coffee Shop

$280   BUY NOW

This American Girl Doll-sized coffee shop has everything a little barista needs, including a bar big enough for two AG dolls; a built-in cash register; a pretend espresso machine and more. If you're a parent who loves a good latte, your mini will be right there with you.

Air Hogs Jump Fury Truck

$40   BUY NOW

Take your kid's RC-driving skills to a new level with this “extreme jumping” truck that literally leaps into the air with the flick of a finger. With its soft, bouncy wheels, this little car can instantly lift up to 22-inches and bounce back down with ease.

Dimpl Pops Deluxe

$25   BUY NOW

Popits are all the rage these days and we love how this one has a rainbow of colors that are just waiting to be popped!

Mini Brands Mini Toy Shop

$40   BUY NOW

There's just something about tiny versions of things that kids just adore—and this miniature store won't disappoint. New for this year, the Mini Brands Toy Store let kids put lots of little things on little shelves for hours of pretend-play fun!

Echo Dot Kids Edition

$60   BUY NOW

Kids can ask Alexa questions, listen to music, set alarms and more. With a year of Amazon Kids+ included, they can access tons of kid-friendly content all on their own.

A Magic Box

$35   BUY NOW

Aspiring magicians will be waving their wands for this magic set, which provides an assortment of easy-to-learn magic tricks, including disappearing coins, marble mysteries and simple card tricks. Your purchase also gets you a membership to the online studio, which teaches more than 100 tricks to help budding magicians grow and practice.

Wireless Headphones

$40   BUY NOW

Wires can be annoying—so get rid of them! These colorful wireless headphones have kid-safe volume controls and three pairs of changeable ear plates to let your kids show off their personal style while they listen safely. Zooming into school? The headphones offer high-quality sound and a high-definition microphone for clear calling. 

MyFirst Camera Insta 2

$90   BUY NOW

If you thought Polaroid cameras were cool, you and your kids will be even more wowed by this adorable digital camera that prints out 12-megapixel images in just 10 seconds. Kids can frame their subjects using the digital screen, then print out high-quality black and white prints on the included thermal paper or stickers (no ink needed!). Want color pictures? Just attach the camera to a computer and print them out on your home printer.

Pizza Parlor Kit

$39   BUY NOW

These colorful sensory boxes let your child press and squish oregano and basil-scented pizza dough to make mini (pretend) pizzas with loads of colorful toppings. Comes with three different colors of scented dough, as well as a menu, pretend money and various pizza-making tools.

Cutie Cuts

$27   BUY NOW

Your elementary schooler is (hopefully) past the cut-their-own-hair phase—but that doesn't mean they don't want to get a hold of some clippers and trim away! Cutie Cuts lets littles shave the unruly fur off a colorful pup to reveal the coiffed pooch beneath it all.

Squishy Golden Dumpling

$15   BUY NOW

Not only is this little doughball adorable, but he “comes to life” when you squeeze him, with 50 reactions and emotions and a cute little chrome body that pops out when he’s pinched. He also lights up and makes sounds and comes with accessories (in case you prefer your stuffed buns with bows or glasses).

Fresh Dolls

$14   BUY NOW

Created by the world’s largest black-owned multicultural doll company, these dolls also have realistic proportions, with fuller hips and thighs and more realistic waists—plus custom-blended skin tones, varying hair colors and textures, and authentic facial features.

MyFirst Drone

$30   BUY NOW

This palm-sized drone is designed to be kept close—you control it by putting your hand beneath it and waving it gently one way or another—which means it's much less likely to fly away. The best part? There’s an altitude sensor that keeps the drone no higher than 10 feet up—high enough to wow your kids, but low enough that they’re less likely to lose their new holiday gift to the neighbor’s roof.

—Melissa Heckscher

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