These Halloween decorations are all the treat without the trick!

We love a good spooky scare, but as parents of little ones, we’re all about making sure our Halloween decorations are a lot more cute than creepy. Halloween can be a really unnerving time for young kids, and we want them to have as much fun as possible. These cute and kid-friendly Halloween decorations are perfect for decking out your home this season, without worrying about upsetting the minis. From friendly ghosts to sweet skeletons and everything in between, these goodies are sure to make them excited for the holidays. Afterall, they deserve to have just as much (not too) frightening fun!

Pumpkin Lanterns


Line your sidewalk, porch, hearth, or top off your dining table with these fabulous black iron pumpkin lanterns. Add a wax or flameless candle and you're set. Available in two sizes.

Pumpkin Lanterns ($39.95-$99.95)—Buy Here!

Gus the Ghost with Pumpkin Pillow

Pottery Barn

Gus is so darling, we kinda want to leave him on our couch all year.

Gus the Ghost with Pumpkin Pillow ($85.50)—Buy Here!

Blow-Up Inflatable Candy Corn

At Home

Love it or hate it as a snack, this 36" inflatable candy corn is adorable to look at.

Blow-Up Inflatable Candy Corn ($12.99)—Buy Here!

Too Much Candy Block Sign

At Home

Sure, we have to limit what our kiddos consume around this time, but we're never upset about the extra candy we can sneak after they're in bed!

Too Much Candy Block Sign ($4.99)—Buy Here!

Decorated Halloween Tree


With two options of LED Halloween tree ornaments, this tabletop decoration lights up even the spookiest night.

Decorated Halloween Tree ($22.99)—Buy Here!

Inflatable Ghost with Pumpkin Candy Bag


We really feel this 5ft ghostie's struggle. You can buy him alone, or pick up his three equally-as-adorable friends (all available here)

Inflatable Ghost with Pumpkin Candy Bag ($34.99)—Buy Here!

Wiggly Monster Window Clings


These silly wiggly monster window clings are perfect for creating funny monster silhouettes in your home's windows, especially at night.

Wiggly Monster Window Clings ($9.99)—Buy Here!

Glow-in-the-Dark Character Yard Signs


All you have to do is stick these plastic decorations (they come in a set of 4!) into your yard and you have an instantly festive yard, day or night. 

Glow-in-the-Dark Character Yard Signs ($22.99)—Buy Here!

LED Flame Lightbulbs 2pk


Another easy-peasy decoration option—just screw these dancing flame LED lightbulbs into your existing light fixtures (indoor or outdoor) and set the spooky atmosphere.

LED Flame Lightbulbs 2pk ($13.99)—Buy Here!



You had us at Boonicorn. It stands 60" tall and even changes colors to light up your whole yard! 

Boonicorn ($32.99)—Buy Here!

Black Faux Succulent Garden

At Home

Swap your cheery green plants for this oh-so-elegant black succulent garden.

Black Faux Succulent Garden ($9.99)—Buy Here!

Boo Y'all Block Sign

At Home

You don't have to be from the south to get a kick out of this cute sign.

Boo Y'all Block Sign ($8.99)—Buy Here!

Salem Directional Sign


We're loving the pastel vibes of this collection from Michael's, and the Salem pumpkin is the cherry on top of this tabletop sign.

Salem Directional Sign ($14.99)—Buy Here!

Coffin Letter Board


Add spooky quotes, Halloween jokes, or a countdown to the big day (and include the fun included emojis!).

Coffin Letter Board ($36.97)—Buy Here!

Halloween Table Runner


This table runner is so adorable and can be left decorating your dining room all season!

Halloween Table Runner ($9.99)—Buy Here!

Neon Spooky Ghost Sign


Pick your color and size and hang this fun and ultra-festive sign up anywhere you think could use some bootiful brightening up!

Neon Spooky Ghost Sign ($25.00+)—Buy Here!

Cute Ghosts Rug


From their patterned sheets to the pompom witch hats, these ghosts are ready for the season. This rug is available in multiple sizes, too!

Cute Ghosts Rug ($39.90)—Buy Here!

Halloween Cookie Throw Pillows


Designed after everyone's favorite slice-and-bake Halloween cookies, these 11" throw pillows are the perfect squishy addition to your seasonal vibe! Pick your favorite, or snag all 3 for a complete set.

Halloween Cookie Throw Pillows ($21.21+)—Buy Here!



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