Fall is in full effect and that means it’s the perfect time to bust out all those Halloween science experiments! These kits from our friends over at KiwiCo will have you learning about static electricity while you get ghosts to rise from the dead. Which one is your favorite? 

Halloween Kits

Spooky Halloween Science


Learn about static electricity with this spooky set that will have ghosts rising from the grave! 

Ages 5+

Buy it here, $25

Puking Pumpkin Science


You'll love this fun addition to your pumpkin carving plan. Add a little science and your pumpkin will be oozing all over your porch! 

Ages 3+

Buy it here, $15

Halloween Luminaries


Create four Halloween luminaries with this kit that has all of your Halloween favorites like a ghost and spider. 

Ages 3+

Buy it here, $20

Light-Up Haunted House


LED lights and vellum paper windows add to the spooky element of this DIY haunted house. 

Ages 9+

Buy it here, $25. 

Bubbling Cauldron

Mix together a witchy brew and get your cauldron bubbling with this fun Halloween kit. 

Ages 5+

Buy it here, $25

Trick-or-Treat Tote


This glowing candy bag comes with stickers to design a cat or any spooky monster you desire. 

Ages 3+

Buy it here, $13

Other Kits We Love

Little Artist

A paint and sculpture kit for kids ages 3+.

Buy it here, $24.95. 

Planet Bath Bombs

A fun spa experiment for kids ages 5+.

Buy it here, $19.95. 

Cannonball Launcher

Shoot foam cannonballs after building this kit for kids ages 7+.

Buy it here, $24.95.

Screen Printing

Print your own graphic on fabric with this kit for kids ages 9+.

Buy it here, $20.95.

Walking Robot

Use this kit to build a robot that walks! For kids ages 9+

Buy it here, $24.95.

Paper Circuits

Peek into the world of electricity with this kid for kids ages 11 & up. 

Buy it here, $24.95. 

—Kate Loweth & Gabby Cullen

All images courtesy of KiwiCo



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