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Have snow fear on your next snow day with these epic sleds and snowboggans. From classic to creative, you’ll be the most prepared parent on the block. Keep reading to get more info on our favorite snow gear for kids—we’ve got something for everyone from toddlers to teens.

Flexible Flyer Sled

$14.99 BUY NOW

Winter walks take on a whole new meaning with this baby sled. It's made out of solid plastic with a seat belt to keep your little one safe.

FUNBOY Alpine Winter Snow Sleigh

FUNBOY Alpine Winter Snow Sleigh


The inflatable sled is made for two with dual handles for easy downhill grip.

Mini Luge Sled from Zipfy


This mini luge sled for ages 5 and older is easy to steer, compact and comes in a rainbow of bright colors (helpful for keeping track of your downhill racers on snow days). With a low center of gravity and a belly-side tread, it'll only take a minute to master this one, and the anti-slip vinyl seat will help you stay on!

FUNBOY Retro Plaid Snow Toboggan Sled

FUNBOY Retro Plaid Snow Toboggan Sled

$129 for two BUY NOW

The FUNBOY Retro Plaid Snow Toboggan Sled is designed for up to 1 adult and 1 child.

Alien Snowtube


This 48-inch sled is big enough for two kids and sturdy enough to last a number of weekends of sledding this season.

GoFloats Unicorn Snow Tube


Hop aboard for some wintry fun with this unicorn snow sled that's going to make all the other kids jealous.

Foam Sled Saucer


Kids will love this lightweight option so they aren't lugging some massive sled up the hill over and over again.

FUNBOY Snowmobile Snow Sled

FUNBOY Snowmobile Snow Sled


This is a fun take on the traditional sled that has you riding a snowmobile.

Plastic Toboggan, Set of 3

$77, set of three BUY NOW

Bigger kids and adults will like this longer option for sledding as you can really stretch out your legs.

Flexible Flyer Wooden Sled

$170 BUY NOW

We love the nostalgic style of this sled that a wooden base and steel runners.

Plastic Saucer


This classic style holds up well to lots of sledding and is easy for kids to cart around.

—Kate Loweth, Shelley Massey & Ayren Jackson-Cannady

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