Baby toy subscription boxes take the guesswork out of toy shopping

Looking for activities your littles will love delivered right to your home? Of course you are. Even if you didn’t know it, we’re betting there’s a good chance the idea sounds awfully appealing. There’s no shortage of baby and toddler toys out there, but finding ones that are curated and expert-approved? That can be tricky. Nurture your child’s brain development with a baby toy subscription box of educational (and fun!) toys that build physical, social, and cognitive skills. Here are five toy subscription boxes that make it easy for you by delivering age-appropriate developmental gear straight to your door.

KiwiCo Panda Crate


Age group: Birth to 24 months

What you get: Each shipment includes brain-building toys and activities as well as a guide for parents that explains what skills your child is developing at their age and how you can best support them. You’ll also receive activity cards that explain ways to use the items in your crate as well as cards that give you simple, new ways to play and bond with your little one.

What we love: The crates' contents are tailored to kids' ages and stages, with developmentally appropriate activities you'll enjoy doing together. It's all backed by in-house experts and partners who specialize in child health behavior and development.

Cost: Prices start at $33.90

Learn more about KiwiCo Panda Crate here!

Lovevery Play Kits


Age group: Birth to 4 years

What you get: With this Montessori-inspired subscription box, you receive a box every 2-3 months (depending on your little one's age). Designed by child development experts, the goodies inside are created to build brain development and nurture and encourage your child at every age and stage. Toys include books, card sets, first puzzles, bath-friendly playthings and, much more. Useful products like a drinking cup also arrive right when your kiddo is ready to try them. 

What we love: Lovevery takes a science-based approach to choosing the right items to spark neural pathways, hone motor skills, and encourage interaction. The baby-safe toys and materials are made with sustainably sourced wood and 100% organic cotton, and the shipping is carbon neutral. If your child has special needs, contact Lovevery for recommendations on which kits would work best.

Cost: $80.00 to $120.00 

Sign up for Lovery Play Kits here!

Babysteps Playkits


Age group: Birth to 12 months

What you get: Each playkit is packed with Montessori toys that are age-based and specifically created to stimulate learning (on top of having fun, of course). 

What we love: Every toy in the Babysteps Playkits are pediatrician-approved, so you know the research has been done for you. Plus, each toy is designed to last, so hang onto them for your next kiddo. 

Cost: $219.00 every 3 months

Learn more about Babysteps Playkits here!

123 Baby Box

123 Baby Box

Age group: Birth to 3 years

What you get: Every item is hand-picked by moms based on your babe's needs and developmental stage. Each box comes with 6+ goodies. 

What we love: Not only is everything in your 123 Baby Box curated, but they also include one surprise for your kiddo and something special for you.

Cost: Starting at $39.99 a month

Sign up for 123 Baby Box here!

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