Whether you want to spend the afternoon baking or grab a treat from the freezer, you can’t go wrong with these desserts from Trader Joe’s

What’s dinner without a little dessert? Having a sweet treat is the perfect ending to any meal, but not everyone has the energy to whip them up. That’s why we love Trader Joe’s and it’s plethora of both ready-to-eat options plus unique ingredients to make your own! From the seasonal frozen ice pops and summer-inspired macarons, to a DIY ice cream cake, don’t miss out on some of the best Trader Joe’s desserts the grocer has to offer.


Watermelon & Peach Macarons

Just when you thought macarons couldn’t get any more fancy, Trader Joe’s drops a summery Watermelon and Peach version! These frozen treats are ready to eat after just an hour of defrosting, are made in Belgium, and would pair perfectly with a glass of sparkling water (or wine) on a summer evening.

Chocolate Lava Cakes

Trader Joe’s

If you are really looking to make an impression without much work, keep these beauties in your freezer. You don’t even need to preheat your oven as these can be easily warmed in the microwave. With an ooey-gooey center, they are perfectly paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Golden Caramel Swirl Ice Cream

It’s new and it’s delicious. Trader Joe’s Golden Caramel Swirl Ice Cream is perfect for anyone who already loves Moose Tracks and is packed with gooey, salted caramel floating amidst vanilla and chocolate ice cream.

Strawberry Lemonade Ice Bars

best trader joe's desserts
Trader Joe's
Trader Joe’s

If you have a hankering for frozen strawberry lemonade, look no further than this seasonal new product. Made in Italy, they are made with no artificial flavorings and instead use strawberry purée, lemon juice concentrate, and other natural flavors to give an unbelievable fruity and refreshing treat.

All the Mochi

Vanilla, green tea, Ube, and strawberry: there is mochi for every craving! Found in the freezer aisle, the boxed treat is perfect when you just want one or two morsels to satisfy a sweet tooth or just take a box or two to your next get-together for a unique ice cream dessert.

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Tres Leches Cake

tres leches cake from Trader Joe's
Trader Joe’s

Perfectly sweet and perfectly easy to make, this cake tops our list for summer birthdays. All you have to do is leave it at room temp for a few hours and the day will be ready to serve. Serve it with a scoop of horchata ice cream for a double treat.

Mini Cheesecake Cones

While these cheesecake cones don’t exactly mimic the creamy goodness that is traditional cheesecake, they still make for a wonderful dessert. If you love almonds, the cone will knock your socks off as it pairs with the sweet filling. As we mentioned, these don’t exactly taste like cheesecake in a cone, but we appreciate and still enjoy the mini size that makes our sweet tooth happy.

Cookie Butter & Coffee Ice Cream Cake

Cookie Butter, Cookie Butter Ice Cream, Speculoos Cookies, and Coffee Bean Ice Cream—these are all the things you need to make the perfect ice cream cake! This decadent DIY Trader Joe’s dessert looks much harder to put together than it really is and is worth every bite.

Strawberry & Rhubarb Hand Pies

Sometimes you just need a dessert that brings you back to childhood summers. These all-butter crust Strawberry & Rhubarb hand pies hit the nail on the head. They’re made with real fruit chunks throughout the filling, sprinkled with sugar, and make dessert spent outside playing the summer day away a breeze. We highly recommend microwaving a few seconds and enjoying with some vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate & Vanilla Bean Swirl Gelato

You should probably stop what you’re doing and run straight to TJ’s for a tub of this delightfully creamy gelato. Coming in a clear tub so you can be further enticed to grab a generous pint (it’s actually a 1.9pt carton!), get ready to enjoy this gorgeous, light, ice cream that’s made with real vanilla bean flecks, cocoa, and semisweet chocolate.

Key Lime Pie

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Don’t be frightened by the pale yellow color of this Key Lime pie- it’s made with natural lime juice and no added food coloring. The tart filling sits in a graham cracker crust and is ready for whatever toppings you prefer. It’s the perfect “oh, I forgot to make a dessert for the BBQ” dessert.

Chocolate Brooklyn Babka

Traditional Babka hails from Poland and Ukraine and takes all day to make. Thankfully, you can grab a package of a delightful, chocolatey Babka at TJ’s to pair with your evening coffee. The rich pastry is layered with chocolate and also topped with chocolate chips.

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