If you (like so many other parents) find yourself completely baffled by teen behaviors, you need to watch this video

Teens have a reputation, and it’s not for carefully and critically thinking through the pros, cons, and potential consequences of their actions before they do something. Nope—teens are known for pretty much the opposite: They do some dumb stuff. But if you’ve ever been completely at a loss to understand your teenager’s behavior, we have the video for you. A licensed clinical psychologist is going viral on TikTok for explaining the biological reasons behind why teens do dumb things, and once you hear them, things are going to start to make a lot more sense.

Dr. Lucie Hemmen is one of those holy grail TikTokers you need to follow if you have kids of a certain age. She’s really great at explaining frustrating behaviors and providing additional insights, and in one of her recent videos, she’s breaking down exactly what’s going on inside teenage brains to make their decision-making abilities so suss.


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“Has your teen ever scared you to death by making a decision that you just didn’t understand?” Dr. Hemmen starts her video, as parents of teenagers everywhere nod emphatically. “I’ll give you two reasons why that happens.”

The first reason, she notes, “You probably already know. The teen brain is a construction site. There’s a lot going on. One of the things that happens is they have a surge in the availability of dopamine, a feel-good chemical, so that really makes new and intense experiences extremely compelling for teenagers.”

The second reason? “While their interest in intensity increases really quickly, their ability to suppress and control their impulses lags way behind. Therein lies the problem.”

Dr. Hemmen notes that “your teen has not lost their mind. They’re not going to be like this forever.” However, she says parents need to recognize that they’re in a “window of development” that can stoke their nerves, and “for really good reason.”

So parents, the next time your teen makes you nervous, just remember that your feelings are valid, but that this too shall pass.

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