From outrageous to wacky to cute, our recent story on awesome birthday cakes for kids was a smash hit, and we’re hearing your cries for more. This time, we’ve dug up some DIY cakes for the crafty moms and pops, but we couldn’t resist including some outrageously fun bakes that are definitely jaw-dropping. So without further ado, here’s our editor’s picks for some fun and wild birthday cakes. All will get you inspired for your kiddos’ next birthday party — or at the very least, get you inspired to call up your local baker.

The Giving Tree

Nostalgic and heart-warming all at once, this cake is really the cake to end all cakes. We have a soft spot for the story of The Giving Tree — this would make a perfect birthday gift and party-hit for any kiddo or adult. We know if we had Shel Silverstein’s book in 3-D, it would look just like this.

Rapunzel Cake

This gorgeous re-telling of Rapunzel is complete with the details of the princess’ home, and the rising tower isn’t just a photo trick. This baker rose to the challenge and details her tricks to locking Rapunzel in the tower. We’re quite jealous of this little princess’ birthday and only wish we were invited to the most popular party of the year.

Sea Monsters and Book Classics

This cake has brought sea lovers and daring sailors together with this gigantic adventure. It reminds us of all the places we can go just by opening a book and snuggling on the couch (with a plate of cake next to us, of course). This mom is a self-taught baker that has us green with envy. One, two, three… four – watch out, the other legs might just pop out and grab you!

Angry Birds Playable Cake

It’s Angry Birds in real life. No wait, it’s a cake. Or…is it? This stunning Angry Birds cake could easily get mistaken for the real game! But that’s no worry – the cake is completely edible. Designed for display by Noe Valley Bakery in San Francisco, this cake is a by-product of Michael Gassen’s obsession with the game. Pssest! Want to throw your own Angry Birds party? We’ve put together a how-to list just for you!

Alice in Wonderland

This adorable Alice cake must’ve been a sure-hit — especially without the Queen of Hearts to steal the birthday girl’s show. We hope the entire un-birthday celebration included tea parties, eat-me treats and card games to score extra Wonderland points.

Personalized Doll Cake

This mom and daughter got together to make this party doll-cake that features dolls crafted after the host’s friends (who all recognized themselves!). While we love the polka dot dresses, and all-American girl vibe, there’s nothing like wowing your kiddos’ friends with their very own dolls. This should be our new motto: Have your cake and play along too.

The Enterprise Cake

Beam me up Scotty — Straight to the center of this indulgent cake. We’re so impressed with this creation with ends that even sparkle for an engaging light-speed warp. No matter how much the birthday boy might’ve wanted to keep it as a toy (resistance is futile), we’re sure he ate it in the end. Our best wishes for this birthday boy to live long and prosper!

My Friendly Neighbor Totoro – Cat Bus

The Asian variant of the Cheshire Cat, the Cat Bus, has the same cheeky smile down pat. This genius creation by Catherine (based on the film by Miyazaki) over at themarzipanduck kept the characters all so cute and entirely edible. The birthday boy must’ve been delighted to see this elusive cake waiting for him at the table.

Race Cars

Vroom, vroom, vvrrooom! Combine two of your kiddos favorite toys and make this awesome birthday cake. This cake design is perfect for a your car-loving kid to appreciate and looks so realistic that we bet six-year-old Sam spent a long time wondering why his Legos and race cars don’t always taste so good.

Fairytales & Dragons

For little boys and girls alike, this lovely dragon and story cake is resting on cloud nine. We’re sure the sleeping dragon isn’t deceivingly cuddly (just delicious), and the storybook looks brimming with adventures. Thanks to Aurora Cakes, this birthday party must’ve had the most imaginative kiddos leaving with a smile on their face.

Thomas the Train Cupcakes

We thought it’d be a choo-ing shame not to add a cupcake addition to our birthday cake list. Built with vanilla sandwich cookies and cake frosting, this Thomas the Tank Engine cupcake train has a caboose too! The brilliant mom behind this creation even promises: “If you can stack Legos, you can make this train” (even if you’re not too keen on baking).

Smurf Village Cake

There’s never a reason to be blue on your birthday, even if your favorite cartoon is! This baker rounded up the entire Smurf Village for Alex’s birthday party. We love how the cake looks alive with Smurfs running in and out (and about!), and even down to the expressions that let us know who is who! Brainy Smurf, Sleepy Smurf, Handy Smurf…

Toy Story Cake

Now this one is for the boys and girls, tots and parents alike. This special Toy Story cake pays homage to one of the best trilogies for fams, but what we love is the artistic liberties taken on Woody and Buzz, and all the details in between. This competition-winning cake really went to infinity and beyond!

Unicorn Cake

The butterflies look ready to flutter away if we come too close to this unicorn cake. And the small flowers bring so much life that you’ll believe that unicorns do exist. You might not have to convince your kiddos with a “Shh” either, not while this girl is sleeping so peacefully. It may not be ginormous or interactive, but this sweet cake looks ready to help all the excited kids settle down for the best part of the party… eating!

Have you seen any cakes that rival this list? Show them off in the comments below! And, don’t forget to check out Part One of this installment of Awesome Birthday Cakes for Kids. 

— Christal Yuen

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