This last year has brought a ton of changes when it comes to celebrating birthdays. From drive-by parades to Zoom gatherings, birthdays got a makeover we didn’t know they needed

Is it time to say goodbye to another soiree staple? This birthday charcuterie board has us thinking yes. So long, birthday cake!

photo: The BakerMama

Completely customizable, the birthday dessert board is packed with the all the goodness b-days have to offer, like the one featured above from The BakerMama who was way ahead of the trend. Fill it up with mini cupcakes, cookies, popcorn, cake pops––there’s no wrong way to birthday charcuterie!

Not only does this dessert concept avoid the “blowing out the candles and spreading germs everywhere” moment (thanks, COVID), but it also works great for guests with food allergies. Parents can thoughtfully include allergy-friendly snacks or create a completely unique board so kiddos don’t feel left out.

Whether you’re hosting a family-only event or planning your next party when things are back to normal, birthday charcuterie boards are a surefire win.

––Karly Wood



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