These Awesome Bananas are the New Ice Cream

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What if you could whip up a creamy, dreamy summer treat and still get your fruit fix in? Well now you can—with the Blue Java banana!

Also known as the ice cream banana, this native of Southeast Asia and Hawaii is rumored to have the taste of vanilla ice cream. Along with a similar custard-like taste, the fruit also has an almost ice cream-like texture too.This means it’s perfect for smashing into summer sundaes or eating as is.

If you’re wondering where the name comes from, these aren’t your typical fruit. Unlike good ol’ yellow bananas, Blue Java’s start out with a characteristic bluish tint. Don’t expect the fruit itself to bear the blue hue. The ice cream banana is more of a vanilla color than a berry-esque shade.

So where can you get Blue Java bananas? Well that’s tricky. You can’t pick up a bunch at your local Whole Foods or Walmart grocery. This specialty produce item is only available from select retailers, and you typically have to buy them online (or buy the plants to grow). Amazon and some plant/produce sites offer this banana as it becomes seasonally available.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Counselling via Pixabay



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