Nick Jr.’s preschool fave is about to make it’s big return! The network recently tweeted a preview of the first episode of Blue’s Clues & You!—and it includes both Steve and Joe.

The highly-anticipated children’s show reboot debuts Nov. 11 at 9 a.m. ET. Even though the first episode is still months away, the preview clip will give your kiddo a sneak peek into the series.

Along with new host, Josh (played by Joshua Dela Cruz), Blue’s Clues & You! will feature new CG animation for Blue and Magenta, an updated Handy Dandy Notebook (with smartphone technology), a new Handy Dandy Guitar and two brand-new characters—Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper’s twins Sage and Ginger.

So what do fans of the show think of the sneak peek and the inclusion of Steve and Joe? Adult Blues-enthusiasts weighed in with one Twitter user commenting, “I can’t believe it! You actually did it! You got Steve and Joe to come back one last time! I’m so happy! I can tell that this reboot is gonna be amazing!”

Another commenter tweeted, “Steve and Joe have made many childhoods in the original Blue’s Clues series and I know for a fact Josh will do the same for the newer generation of young children in this nostalgic revival.”

Your kiddo can watch Blue’s Clues & You!, starting Nov. 11, on Nick Jr.,, the Nick Jr. App and Nick Jr. On Demand.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Nick Jr. via YouTube



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