Grown-Up Games to Play After the Kids Are in Bed

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The kids are tucked in, they’re snooozing away and you just can’t binge-watch another show. What now? Board games for adults and other grown-up party-type play provides plenty of late-night fun for you, your S.O. and your fave friends. If you’re looking for a few new board or card game ideas, check out these for adults only options!

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What Do You Meme?

You already spend half your day creating cute memes. So why not take the internet fun into the real world with this hilarious card game ($29.99)? Pair photo and caption cards in the original version or add on one of the expansion packs for even more meme-ing fun. 

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The Game of Wolf

Choose your pack wisely! This trivia game ($24.99 on Amazon) combines individual trivia play with a collab effort. And bonus, this game is a quick play pick—in comparison to other board games. So if you don;t have all day to play, this trivia-packed option is an easy idea!

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Llamas Unleashed

This card game will give you the giggles! Collect alpacas, goats, rams and, of course, llamas! With a play time of 30 to 45 minutes the ability for up to eight people to join in, this party pick ($20) is a completely cool card game for your next impromptu gathering. 

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Stan the Man Musial Baseball Game

Across the Board creates games that go way beyond your average cardboard foldout pop-up play. The Stan the Man Musial Baseball Game ($60) is one of the company's many sports-themed selections. Featuring the legendary St. Louis Cardinals player, this game is ideal for grown-ups who are major Major League fans. 

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St. Noire

Combine AI with board game magic in this ground-breaking murder mystery game. St. Noire is a first-controlled game for grown-ups—and it uses your Amazon Alexa-enabled device! The game is available from Amazon for $39.99. St. Noire is currently in pre-order until its release on Jul. 18, 2019. 

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Disturbed Friends

The name says it all. This board game (for adults only!) comes with the qualifier, "This game should be banned." If you dare, try your hand playing this pick with 250 disturbing questions and 100 offensive cartoon cards. And yes, this 'disturbing' game ($25) is only for adults with a seriously wicked sense of humor. 

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Oh Fruck!

When it comes to card games for adults, this is one that will make you laugh. Oh Fruck! ($19.99) takes the typical card shedding game (meaning you need to get rid of your cards to win) for a twist. This pick is perfect if you're looking for a game to play together with other adults or with your older teenage kiddos—recommended for players 12 and up 

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Imohotep: Builder of Egypt

Archaeology fans will get a kick out of this board game. Transport the building blocks of the pyramids to different construction sites, strategizing all the way! This game ($39.95) requires two to four players and is recommended for anyone over the age of 10. 

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Silicon Valley Start Ups

Do you dream about betting it all on a genius start up idea? In this card game, you can! This grown-up play-time option ($14.95) lets you pitch outrageous ideas and live out your start up fantasies. Of course, without the fear of losing your child's college fund.

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Unstable Unicorns

Anything with the word unicorn in the title has to be fun. Right? This board game ($19.56 on Amazon), for ages 14 and up, was one of kickstarter's top 50 most backed projects. Assemble a unicorn army, build up your herd and play the evening away with your new friends (FYI, the unicorns are your friends now and not the humans). 

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Ridiculous Expositions

This grown-up game *$24.99) pairs seemingly innocent phrases with ones that are a bit more naughty. Pair up your party pals into two teams and start talking. The phonetic phrasing-turned saucy sayings will get more than a giggle out of your party guests. 

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Happy Little Accidents

Even though this playful pick ($19.99 on Amazon) is recommended for anyone ages 10 and up, your adult friends will get a kick out of the Bob Ross-inspired board game. Play the role of the iconic TV painter, creating your own mini masterpieces. 


—Erica Loop

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