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Bring Hygge Vibes to Your Home this Holiday Season

Are you familiar with the lifestyle of hygge? In short, hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) is a Danish word derived from the Norwegian word “hugga”, which very basically means… to comfort. The Danish word, hygge takes the concept of comfort to the NEXT LEVEL. The word hygge is used to describe spaces, such as a cozy living room, but it is also used to define an entire lifestyle… a Danish lifestyle that has really risen in popularity over the last several years. Any scroll on Pinterest or Instagram offers solid proof of that! defines the noun as “the feeling of coziness and contentment evoked by simple comforts as being wrapped in a blanket, having good conversation, enjoying food, etc.” My only question is, why did hygge take so long to go mainstream?!

Life can be difficult on a good day, with or without a pandemic or extreme politics. It is no wonder the philosophy of hygge has taken wings. We all long for comfort and warmth. Who isn’t longing for a simple, delicious existence these days… including but not limited to candles, soft blankets, warm beverages, and cozy socks?

We may not be able to control what happens outside our front doors, but we do have some control over the vibes with create in our home. In my opinion, the hygge vibe is where it’s at! Most mornings over the last few months, I light a favorite candle, make stovetop espresso, and steal as many quiet moments with my cozy blanket I can before the chaos/kids/email/Facebook scrolling begins. It’s my little effort in hygge, just for me.

Mamas, I know stealing time is HARD, but I highly recommend giving it a shot. You deserve a little hygge… even if in just a little corner of your heart and home. Just a few moments wrapped in cozy blanket is a solid way to baby step towards ushering in little hygge… and little comfort & joy into your home.


Skandinavisk Hygge Scented Candle

This candle is LIT.


This painted glass votive with engraved beechwood lid isn't only lovely, but in the spirit it simplicity, when this candle is used up - simply clean and re-use with tea lights!



Chunky Knit Blanket

You can't say no to snuggling THIS.


If slowing down is your struggle, you may relent and give in when you have this soft, chunky knit snuggle magnet waiting for you to warm-up and get your hygge on in.



UGG Fleece Lined Socks

Cozy toesies ahead!


Little in life is more distracting than cold toes. These fleece lined socks from UGG should do the trick!



Pine Tree Hand Warmer Ceramic Mug

Warm your hands and belly at the same time!


I love my hand warmer mug! If I were the namer of mugs, I'd have named this a hug mug... it feels like a hug, but for your hands!



Harney & Sons Caffeinated Hot Cinnamon Sunset Black Tea

Best. Tea. Ever.


I don't know if this flavor would be an official hygge pick, but if happiness can be found in a cup of tea - you will find it in this delicious blend of tea time perfection.



Moka Express Silicone Red Handle 6 Cups

Stovetop espresso in the (YOUR) house!


I have two of these. A baby size and a mama size. The Bialetti is a handy way to make your own espresso, and A LOT less expensive than a fancy espresso machine. I enjoy the routine of the making process as I start my day.



Daelman's Caramel Wafer, Stroopwafel

Who needs breakfast when there are Stroopwafels?


Place one of these atop your hot, steaming mug for a few minutes... and enjoy it warm. Talk about delicious happiness!



C.C Thick Cable Knit Faux Fur Pom Fleece Lined Beanie

SO comfy you might even forget you're wearing it.


It's warm, it's soft, it's CUTE. I get compliments every, single time I wear it. The fleece lining and that adorable fur pom on time makes it just... pure, adorable perfection. Take a little hygge with you when you go outside.



The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living

Dig deeper into hygge life with this book!


The hygge life goes beyond than candles and warm blankets. This popular book on hygge digs deeper and could make you a full-fledge hygge lifestyle, and a great read after getting a fire going in the fireplace.



Handmade Swedish Gnome/Scandinavian Tomte

I am OBSESSED with these adorable dudes.


Gnomes are a symbol of good luck, and tomtes are believed to be protectors of the farmstead. Place this guy on your mantle, under the Christmas tree, or on a bookshelf... whether good luck or protection, they certainly add fun and whimsy.

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