Build-A-Bear Workshop Now Offers Sensory-Friendly Tuesdays Nationwide

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Build-A-Bear Workshop wants to make the bear building experience enjoyable for everyone—and that’s why the furry friend creation company recently rolled out Sensory-Friendly Tuesdays nationwide.

BAB offers Sensory-Friendly Tuesdays, as the name implies, on Tuesdays. More specifically, the retailer holds these special events during the first hour of the day (after the store opens) on the first Tuesday of each month.

The events are designed for children with autism and other sensory processing needs and their families. Instead of the usual bright lights and loud noises, Sensory-Friendly Tuesdays feature dimmer lighting, little or no ambient music and a step-by-step informational guide for parents and caregivers. Click here to download the guide before your next visit!

Children of all ages, their parents/caregivers and siblings are welcome to join BAB Workshop staff and their new playtime balls at this beary special event. Visit the retailer’s website for more details or call your local Build-A-Bear Workshop store for hours and availability.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Courtesy of Build-A-Bear Workshop



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