Project One-Piece: 12 Onesie Makeovers to DIY for Baby

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Babies grow fast, especially during the first year. So spending a lot of money on new baby clothes could send your budget into a tailspin. That’s why these up-scaled onesies are all the rage. Start with a basic (and inexpensive) baby one-piece, add a little DIY love and get a custom fashion piece that looks like it was bought in a posh boutique. Click through and try a personalized onesie project for your baby.

Cupid’s Arrow Onesie

Becoming a parent feels like getting struck by cupid, in the best possible way. So why not make your love bug a cupid arrow's onesie that shows how strong your love is. This popular how-to from the blog, For The Love Of is easy to follow and will help you craft this lovely one piece in no time.

Photo: For The Love Of

Have you personalized a baby one-piece? Tell us about your design!

–Aimee Della Bitta