4 New Photo Apps for Growing Families

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You take your unofficial title of Family Paparazzi pretty seriously. After all, a smartphone is pretty easy to slip into your diaper bag — and you can’t say that for your digital camera (where is that thing anyway?). To keep picture-snapping exciting and make the results even more sharable, here are four new apps that do everything from text overlays to cloud storage to video stills.


To snap a picture with your phone is one thing, but to shoot video is a whole other level of awesome. This app takes the best frames from your videos and lets you choose which one you want to keep as stills. Save, post and print! You’ll love all the filter options, and can follow hashtags and users from the VPhoto network.

Available for iPhones & iPads
Download here for free


A picture is worth a thousand words. Let them speak for themselves with this app that lets you overlay words, phrases and handcrafted artwork on your photos. Keep it simple and just add a date (birthdays and due dates are popular choices), or tug heartstrings with a longer expression (“Welcome the newest addition to our family” or “You are my sunshine”). Well worth its price, Obaby is highly addictive.

Available for iPhones & iPads
Download here for $4.99


Adobe Group Pix
At any family event, whether it’s a birth, christening or birthday party, there are dozens of smartphones clicking at the same time. Everyone wants that perfect shot, but no one knows who ended up getting it. Sound familiar? Adobe Group Pix lets you organize and share photos all in one spot. Everyone just needs to download the app and then they can share away. And get this. You can send any of the pics to your local Walgreens for good old-fashioned prints.

Available for Android, iPhone & iPad
Download here for free


Imagine every photo and video you’ve ever taken stored in the cloud, organized and totally secure. It’s a no-fuss solution for those memories that normally go down the rabbit hole (er, Facebook) because with this app they’re automatically backed up. Another perk: You can easily share photos or request photos from other Carousel users.

Available for Android, iPhone & iPad
Download here for free

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— Christina Fiedler