6 Onesies That Wow You With Tricks

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Babies go through more outfit changes than Beyonce on a world tour. That means you can never can have too many onesies on hand. And it’s even better when they offer a little something extra. From temperature regulators to blowout stoppers, get to know the special features that make the following onesies stars in their own right.

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Bib Attachments: Cheekie Charlie
Drool-soaked onesies are the number one reason for having to change a baby. Enter these plain white wonders that come complete with interchangeable snap-on bibs. They’re not only functional; they’re fashionable. Cheekie Charlie bibs come in a variety of styles but we’re partial to the nautical motif that looks especially fresh for summer.

Pricing: $34 for three interchangeable bibs and one snap suit
Sizing: 0-18 months
Online: cheekiecharlie.com


Blowout Protectors: Poopsies
Drool is the least of your problems when faced with a monumental diaper blowout. And let’s be honest, there have been times when you’d rather throw out the clothing than rinse, wash and repeat. Poopies take the grunt work out of the equation. Each is lined with a waterproof, breathable material in just the right spots, so you’re safe from major diaper blowouts and stains. Plus, they come in long- and short-sleeve styles. Stock up for your next road trip.

Pricing: Starting at $20
Sizing: 0-6 months
Online: getpoopsies.com

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Magnetic Snaps: Magnificent Baby
Nothing is worse than fumbling with a dozen buttons or snaps during a middle-of-the-night changing. It’s been known to make sleep-deprived parents go insane. So, the good people at Magnificent Baby made life a little easier for us by creating playsuits and footies with magnetic snaps. Queue faster, easier baby changes, with less hassle.

Pricing: Starting at $29.95
Sizing: Premie to 12 months
Online: magnificentbaby.com

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Temperature Regulation: 37 Degrees
If you’re too hot or too cold, you can easily get up and fix the problem. Not so with a baby. They let you know by screaming their little lungs out. 37 Degrees’ temperature regulation bodysuits employ the same technology NASA uses to keep astronauts comfortable in space (they store heat in the fibers, and release it when needed). Hey, if it’s good enough for cosmonauts, it’s good enough for your little explorer.

Pricing: around $50
Sizing: 0-18 months
Online: 37degrees.co.uk

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Vital Sign Monitoring: Mimo Baby
You finally got the little rascal to sleep. But now you can’t sleep because you are wondering if he or she is okay in the room next door. Mimo Baby puts your mind at easy. Its breakthrough technology monitors baby’s movements and sleep patterns via a sensor-embellished onesie that’s WiFi equipped, allowing you to check vital signs via an app.

Pricing: Kits start at $199.99
Sizing: 0-12 months
Online: mimobaby.com

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Good for Growth Spurts: Onesie Extender Packs
Babies are good at growing out of their clothes super fast. These onesie extender packs are as much life savers as they are money savers. Adding one to a too small onesie can get you some extra mileage out of barely worn clothes.

Pricing: $19.95
Sizing: One size fits all and adheres to all standard baby onesies
Online: onestepahead.com

What kind of onesies do you buy? Tell us in the comments below!

— Christina Fiedler