9 Surprising Lullabies That Calm Cranky Babies

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You’ve sung “Wheels On the Bus,” played white (and pink) noise, even propped the bouncer next to the clothes dryer — all in the hopes of soothing your cranky, crying baby. But, have you pumped anything unconventional through the mini-speakers in your little’s nursery? We have video proof that there are just some crooners (think: Katy Perry and Nine Inch Nails) that have a knack for helping the under-one set calm down before nap time. Introducing your bambino’s newest lullaby play list:

1. “Blank Space,” by Taylor Swift
A net worth of over $200 million, a gaggle of awards, and the ability to quiet an over tired baby with her voice — is there anything Taylor Swift can’t do?

2. “Little Things,” by One Direction
Even after being fed, bathed, and changed, this little lady isn’t having it. At. All. Until the boy band One Direction starts harmonizing for her.

3. Star Wars Theme Song
We aren’t surprised in the least bit that this recognizable tune helps relax hysterical babies; it is the greatest song of all time.

4. “Dark Horse,” by Katy Perry
This Katy Perry hit doesn’t just quiet a whining tot, it actually makes her bust out some on the spot dance moves.

5. “California Gurls,” by Katy Perry (Again)
Just call her the baby whisperer, because here’s another Katy Perry song that gets rave reviews from fussy babies.

6. “Happy,” by Pharrell
Even babies can’t escape the feel-good vibes of Pharrell’s Dispicable Me 2 smash hit single.

7. “Gangnam Style,” by Psy
And you thought you’d heard the last of this get-up-and-dance diddy. If you have a screaming baby on your hands, you might want to add this back into the rotation.

8. “Love On Top,” by Beyonce
It doesn’t matter the time of day or who this cutie is with, when she hears Queen B belt out this loveable tune she drops everything – and stops crying. Whew.

9. “Copy of A,” by Nine Inch Nails
We’re willing to bet it’s the repetitive drum beat that gives this song it’s lullaby qualities. Whatever it is, it works!

Are there any outside-the-box lullabies that your baby loves? Tell us in the Comments section below.

—Ayren Jackson-Cannady