12 Reasons Why New Moms Need Friends

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They say it takes a village to raise a child. We say it takes a village to raise a sane mama. Friends are an instant support group to commiserate and celebrate with, and we need the gal pals who predated our babe as much as the mom friends we’ve made. Read on for a dozen reasons why new moms need their friends.

photo: Jhaymesisviphotography via flickr

1. Because if you’ve had a night of no sleep or your little germ magnet has the sniffles, you can cancel a hang-out at the last minute with only a cryptic “Baby problems. Raincheck?” text. No hard feelings and no questions asked.

2. Because you can be real. Whether you’re the type to show up to a GNO a hot mess outfitted in yoga pants and baby spit-up or just hot (hey, you’ve gotta remind yourself you’ve still got it), no one will bat an (unmascarad or false) eyelash.

photo: Vladimir Agafonkin via flickr

3. Because you can cry… and laugh… and cry and laugh some more, all within a 10-minute talk, without anyone thinking you’re mentally unbalanced.

4. Because real soul sisters understand that not responding to texts for days on end is the way moms show love to each other.

5. Because friends don’t judge you for whining about, well, anything.

photo: Kevin Philllips via flickr

6. Because, if your friends have kids, they actually care about the organic baby food/sunscreen/diaper conversation you’re having. And if they don’t, they’ll give you a break from all that so you can discuss something (anything!) besides droopy boobs and blowouts.

7. Because they don’t think you’re strange for being in a state of euphoric joy over your baby smiling, rolling over or crawling for the first time.

photo: Tanay Mondal via flickr

8. Because when you’re in the trenches of teething or a marathon feeding/nursing/whatever session, they’ll help pull you out of the hole with good advice and a cup of something heavily caffeinated.

9. Because having someone to meet for drinks and tapas reminds you that there’s more to you than the title of “mama.”

photo: amanda tipton via flickr

10. Because other moms are immune to crying babies, so they can keep a conversation going through baby’s loudest howls with no side-eyes. And your friends who don’t have littles will probably offer to help quiet your small, squawking human.

11. Because mom friends get that uninterrupted convos happen about as often as a solar eclipse. And they’re okay with that. Darting away mid-sentence to stop your child from eating a handful of dirt or to change a crazy blowout ain’t no thang.

photo: S. Palmer 

12. Because it’s nice to talk to someone who hearts daycare, wine and nap time as much as you do.

How have mom friends been a postpartum life-saver for you? Share in the comments!
— Suzanna Palmer