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If you have a box of random buttons, take it out because they’re your key to fun today. We’ve come up with a few engaging ways to play with buttons (bonus: these activities also double as a learning opportunity). Read on for ways to fine-tune their observation skills or help them think outside of the box with a little art.


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Button Sorting
This isn’t a trick to getting your kids to play Cinderella. Button sorting is actually a great way to teach your colors how to match by colors, shapes or numbers (how many holes does the button have). Don’t forget to get a box with separate compartments so that you can keep everything organized.

Button Stacking Game
Take a page out of A Minute to Win It and see how high you can stack those buttons! Let the kids practice and get a feel for stacking first before introducing them to concepts like thinking strategically (e.g. biggest buttons at the bottom). This game is also a great way to practice fine motor skills, especially if you have a box of tiny buttons.

Button Bookmarks
A little hot-glue, a little button, a paper clip and Voila! A little bookmark. It’s a craft that’s easy as one-two-three. Depending how small the button is, your crafter may need a little guidance with the glue gun. The key to this craft is patience! See how many you can make – they make great trinkets! As your kids hold their bookmark together, waiting for the hot glue to dry, ask them who they want to gift a bookmark to.

Button Art
Supplies: A canvas, paint, glue, buttons and an endless imagination. A brown buttons can be the round body of a horse while a tiny yellow button becomes a bright flower of an outdoors scene. Group a bunch of green buttons together and style a Seuss-esque tree. Think outside of the button!

Who’s Got the Button?
Reign in those observation skills in this classic game. All you need is one button and it’s great if you’re having a party of kids over that day. It’s a bit like Duck, Duck, Goose but without the chasing. Have the kids (except one) get in a circle with their hands behind their back. Then give the outlying kid the one button and have him or her walk around the circle. He or she should discreetly leave the button in someone’s palm and loop around a few times before getting in the middle and chanting, “Button, button, who’s got the button?” Everyone will then take turns to guess and whoever guesses correctly gets to be the next person to hide the button!

What kind of crafts or activities have you created with buttons? Inspire us in the Comments below!

— Christal Yuen


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