Cadbury’s chocolate eggs are an Easter staple. That ooey gooey marshmallow creamy center? Come on, how could you not loooooove them? Sure, the fake egg look is kind of…umm, off. But the Cadbury Creme Egg is second to none. That is, until it’s yummy little cousin popped up in the Easter candy aisle. Oh wait. It didn’t. The much-rumored White Chocolate Creme Egg is a limited-edition holiday candy that comes with a few secrets.


To start with, you can only get the egg in the U.K. So we’re pretty much all out of luck. That is, unless you’re planning a trip across the pond soon. And if that’s the case, bring back a few of these dreamy white chocolate eggs for all your friends, co-workers and the other PTA homeroom parents.

Okay, okay, so maybe you can’t exactly bring a boatload of white chocolate eggs home with you. And why is that? As it turns out, these eggs aren’t for sale. Nope. Those lucky British chocolate-lovers have to go on their own Easter egg hunt just to find them.

There are 350 to 400 of these limited-edition eggs hidden inside of regular chocolate egg packaging. That means no one knows whether they’re getting the traditional milk chocolate, or the new white chocolate, egg. Oh, but it gets better. Let’s say you actually find one of the white chocolate eggs. Before you scarf it down, you need to call the Cadbury hotline and give them the code on the egg. Not only do winners get a totally rad Easter egg, but they can also win between 100 and 2,000 pounds. That’s $136 to $2,700 USD!

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