The Future Is Bright Thanks to Pandemic Babies, Survey Finds

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A new study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Carter’s has found some surprising results amidst the pandemic. Despite the fear of navigating the current time, the majority of parents surveyed say that having a baby is the reason they’re optimistic––not scared.

The study revealed that nearly three quarters of parents believe this generation is not associated with stress, but rather optimism and hope. That’s why Carter’s is coining this new era of pandemic babies “Generation Optimism.”

photo: Courtesy of Carter’s

New babies also brought joy to the entire family, especially those little smiles and baby laughs, which 79 percent of respondents said made their day better.

photo: iStock

The pandemic also required parents to adapt, with 45 percent of parents sharing pregnancy news via social media instead of in person. Over half of those surveyed also shared that the majority of stress during this time came from doctors appointments, and that heading to the hospital was the most stressful time of having a baby.

Here’s to a year of hope and optimism in 2021!

––Karly Wood



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