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Like all moms with a few years of motherhood under their belts, celeb moms have learned some valuable lessons. Lucky for us, they also have a platform to spread their wisdom around. Keep reading to see some of our favorite parenting advice from celebrity moms like Chrissy Teigen and Jennifer Garner, who totally keep it real.

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Instilling Values

From helping those less fortunate, to emphasizing the importance of compassion, mom of three Jennifer Garner thinks values are a critical part of parenting. “I think teaching your kids anything is a lifelong job and certainly, values are something—you can’t just say, ‘Here, have values!’ You have to show them that you have values,” she told E! News in a 2016 interview. She believes modeling a behavior is the best way to teach her kids and she seems to be doing a pretty good job of it. She recently shared the “Blessings in a Backpack” project that she volunteered for at her kids’ school—packing backpacks with items for kids in need.

P!nk via Instagram

Building Self Esteem

Pink might appear to be one kick-ass rock star mama, but even she admits that at one time in her life she struggled with her self-esteem. As a mom, she worries, like all parents do, with her kids facing the same problems and mistakes that she did. One of her biggest fears, she told US Weekly, is that her kids will face similar self-confidence issues. The mom of two doesn’t believe that self-esteem is something that can just be taught, however, it has to be developed through experience as her kids grow. She explained that you “can’t borrow somebody else’s knowledge, you have to buy your own.”

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Making Storytime Rock

It’s exciting to watch your kids develop a passion for things and start to pick favorite toys, games and stories, except for of course, when they insist that you read that same story every single night for a year. Chrissy Teigen shared her clever trick for making those repeat reads a little more fun for everyone. Her daughter Luna’s favorite bedtime book is Sandra Boynton’s Barnyard Dance! Rather than repeat the lines in the sing-song voice that seems to naturally pair with Boynton’s classic, Teigen raps the lyrics, which makes Luna dance and gives dad, John Legend, a giggle. Parenting a toddler means plenty of tedious repetition, but it can be a lot more fun when you switch things up a little.

Steve Jurvetson via Flickr

Appreciating Your Family History

Becoming a mom is an eye-opener and nowhere is that more apparent than how you view your relationship with your own mom. After her daughter was born, Serena Williams wrote a beautiful letter to her mom, and she shared it publicly on Reddit. “You are so classy, I only wish I could take your lead. I am trying, though, and God is not done with me yet. I have a LONG way to go, but thank you.” Appreciating your own parents and keeping in mind the lessons they worked so hard to impart can go a long way to helping you be a better parent yourself. It’s also important to remember that it’s okay to ask for help. You can be a world-famous, champion athlete and still need a helping hand.

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Less Cleaning, More Wine

Kristen Bell is always killing it when it comes to sharing her mom life, but there are no better (or funnier) tips than the ones she offers up on her Momsplaining series. Her closet cleaning hack is not only hilarious, it’s actually very good advice: When reorganizing just gets too overwhelming, then forget about it and have some wine instead. As Bell suggests, sometimes it’s best to choose rest because the cleaning can wait, 

Drew Barrymore via Instagram

Balancing Your Time

The balancing act between work and home life can sometimes feel impossible as a mom. As a working actress, Drew Barrymore understands the struggle. And while she doesn’t have it all figured out either, she does have a pretty clever trick for making it easier. Barrymore’s calendar hack is a genius way to help her kids understand when mom has to be at work, making saying goodbye a little easier when she has to travel. Marking the days in the calendar gives her daughter a better visual to understand the timeline. Barrymore is also careful not to make work seem like a negative. “I always explain to her that I love my job. I don’t say, “I have to go to work” with a grimace on my face because I fear it will make her feel negative about something a lot of moms must do to provide,” she says.

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Teaching Self Love

It can be easy to notice your flaws and feel insecure after giving birth, but being body positive is not only important for your own mental well being, it’s important for your kids too. Busy Philipps struggled with self-esteem issues early in her acting career, but as a mom, she has learned to be cautious about what she says and thinks about herself. “I try to empower my own self in front of my girls. That’s the best I can do,” Philipps said in an interview with US Weekly. She explained that she is careful about how she talks about herself in front of her kids to ensure that they won’t look negatively on themselves either.

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Saying Goodbye to Gifts

Bad Moms star Mila Kunis celebrated the holidays last year without one very typical tradition: gifts. Kunis shared that she and husband, Ashton Kutcher, decided to skip the gifts for their kids. She explained that her kids were previously pretty spoiled by their grandparents over the holidays, which made them less appreciative of the gifts they received. “They don’t even know what they’re expecting; they’re just expecting stuff,” she said. Instead, Kunis hopes to teach her kids the true meaning of giving by avoiding the wrapped toys in favor of spreading the love to others by delivering a gift to the Children’s Hospital.

Tia Mowry via Instagram

Traveling With Kids

Tia Mowry just welcomed a new baby girl, but with a seven-year-old son, she has great tips to share when it comes to traveling with kids. As the daughter of military parents, Mowry learned a thing or two about packing. In an interview with Mom.Me she explained that it’s important to pack some things in advance to avoid forgetting things that slip by in the last minute. The ultimate key to traveling with kids, however, is keeping them happy and entertained. Mowry suggests packing the snacks from home that your kids love and loading up the iPad. She also explains that it’s extremely helpful to book travel that’s in sync with your kids sleep patterns.

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There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Mom

Jada Pinkett Smith recently played a mom-shaming diva in Bad Moms, but in real life, she’s all about love and support for every mom. In an interview with the Huffington Post, she opened up about the challenges of motherhood and the importance of supporting other moms, regardless of whether you share the same parenting style. “Motherhood is brand new every time,” she explained. “You might have it down with one child and then have another, and that child needs something completely different, and now you are learning all over again how to specifically mother that particular child because, what it might have taken to raise one child, another child needs something completely different.” 

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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