What Is Mila Kunis Hiding in the Cheetos Super Bowl Ad?

Mila Kunis - Cheetos Super Bowl
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Last week, Cheetos fans saw Ashton Kutcher discover some mysterious evidence tied to the disappearance of his Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix as a part of its Super Bowl LV campaign. Now  the brand is shaking more clues with the reveal of a second teaser ahead of the Super Bowl commercial, featuring Mila Kunis and Shaggy.

In one of the only times working together since That 70’s Show, Kutcher and Kunis have teamed up with Cheetos to star in the brand’s Super Bowl commercial. In the second teaser ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, Kunis delivers a passionate monologue hinting that she was accused of something horrible. The camera cuts to Shaggy and you realize he’s giving her pointers. While not impressed with her take, he offers the insight to “just stick to the line I gave you” as the commercial fades out to the melody of his iconic song, “It Wasn’t Me.” The song celebrates its 20th anniversary this February.

—Jennifer Swartvagher

All photos courtesy of Frito-Lay


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