This Ingenious Mat Makes Kid’s Yoga Simple & Fun

Kid’s yoga is a great idea in theory, but in practice it can be a predicament. Maneuvering your own body into Warrior Two is an adjustment, let alone expecting a squirmy three-year-old to pull it off. That’s where the Chi Universe Yoga mat comes in!

This ingenious mat is designed with universal symbols that help kids move their body into the correct poses: rain drops, hearts, stars, triangles and a couple fun twists. Each product comes with a game poster, free videos, a yoga game app and colorful style. It’s currently available in a kid’s size, as well as an adult size for family yoga sessions.

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Better yet, the mats are recyclable, easy to clean and pass the prop 65 test for children’s health and safety. You can buy them on Amazon for $36.97 for the kid’s mat and $38.97 for the tween/adult size.

Chi Yoga makes yoga more playful, using the symbol system as a universal language. The company also plans to offer a free class on June 12 at 11 a.m. PT, in celebration of Global Wellness Day. Get your kids excited about moving their bodies all summer long!

—Sarah Shebek

Images courtesy of Chi Yoga



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