Oh, Lakeview. The place where it’s equally cool to stay a kid forever and become a parent. Between the Wrigley Field shenanigans and the awesome parks and the lakefront magic and the bustling streets you will never be bored here. And neither will your kids. Here are 10 signs that you’re living it up as a mom or dad in Lakeview.

1. The French Market at Nettelhorst on Saturdays is THE place to be.

photo: Nettelhorst French Market

2. You can NOT leave Trader Joe’s on Diversey if you have not located Joe-Joe the Penguin because that’s how you get a lollipop at checkout!

photo: Trader Joe’s via Mom O. on Yelp

3. Your kids know the way to five parks and 20 restaurants by the time they’re three.

photo: Margaret Donahue Park

4. From the time they can walk, your kids know how to safely approach dogs and their owners.

photo: Donnie Ray Jones via flickr

5. “Frapuccino” is in your 18-month-old’s limited vocabulary.

photo: Amanda Tipton via flickr

6. In your house, the Pride Parade is known as “The Rainbow Parade” and your little one is happy to wave a flag.

photo: Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce

7. Once they can read, your kids love to shout out the names of runners in the Chicago Marathon.

photo: Alyson Hurt via flickr

8. You know that if you get to Mia Francesca’s before 6 p.m. on a weekend night, it’s super kid-friendly.

photo: Mia Francesca’s

9. You know the names of everyone who works at Stella’s Diner and The Bagel and could drop your kids off for babysitting there in a pinch.


photo: Stella’s Diner

10. Trick or treating happens at businesses on Broadway the Sunday before Halloween so kids can get even MORE candy!

photo: Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce

What do YOU think is a sign that you’re a Lakeview parent? Let us know in the Comments!

— Story by the fun folks at NPN (Neighborhood Parents Network)

Neighborhood Parents Network (NPN) has been connecting a diverse community of families with the resources they need to navigate parenting in the city for 35 years! NPN is essential for all expecting, new and seasoned parents.

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