The best thing about podcasts? You can listen to them anytime, anywhere, whether you’re washing dishes, cleaning out the fridge, or watching that episode of Peppa Pig with your toddler for the 1,000th time. 

Forget the Golden Age of Radio. We’re living in the Golden Age of Podcasts. And how would we survive without them? If you’re looking for another way to pass the time while pumping or to make a long drive a little more digestible, add these parent-focused podcasts hosted by Chicago moms and dads to your library STAT.

The Modern Mom Collective with Kate Mohan

Short but sweet episodes on Real-life topics, tools + conversation empowering ambitious Moms in their careers hosted by Chicago Mom and Marketing Executive Kate Mohan. Check out her episodes on Working Mom Must-Haves and Top Time Management Tips for Moms.

Instagram: @themodernmomcollective

Know Them, Be Them, Raise Them

Carmelita Tiu is a Chicagoland mom raising daughters and knows firsthand how hard it is to raise a daughter and juggle life's other demands — health, career, relationships, finances, etc. Her insightful podcast, Know Them, Be Them, Raise Them, is a must-listen for parents of teens and tweens, thanks to short but info-packed episodes (under 20 minutes) that tackle topics like boundaries, self-care, confidence, tween/teen girl friendships, peer pressure, consent/dating, body image, gender stereotypes, stress and more.

Instagram: @knowberaisethem

Thirsty: The Podcast

A global pandemic seemed like the perfect time to re-enter the dating pool for Chicagoland moms Laura Koo and Heather McG, the hosts of Thirsty. These two single moms are navigating today's swipe-a-holic dating culture and sharing the deets in their fun podcast, answering important questions such as How do you laugh at yourself after going on trainwreck dates that you probably should have avoided?

Instagram: @thirstythepodcast

Zen Parenting Radio

Todd Adams, a self-described 'logical and practical dad' and Cathy Cassani Adams, a 'spiritual and emotional mom,' are the Chicagoland-based parents to three daughters. They also host Zen Parenting Radio, a podcast packed with enlightening discussions on self-awareness, reminding parents everywhere to be ever more mindful, self-aware, and compassionate in how we parent our kids.

Instagram: @zenparentingradio


Struggling to strike a balance between parenthood and your creative life? Antonio García is a Chicago-based design leader and host of the Dadwell podcast. Every episode explores a different dad's creative practice, fathering philosophy, and practical tips for navigating parenthood and life.

Instagram: @dadwell

On Purpose: The Heidi Stevens And Dr. John Duffy Podcast

Balancing Act columnist Heidi Stevens, a Chicago mom of two and popular local columnist, and family therapist John Duffy discuss the news and topics that impact our parenting, marriages, and friendships in this weekly podcast. Recent topics include the growing tendency for young adults to retreat into video games, changing views about relationships and marriage amongst youngsters and essential conversations to have with your teen or tween before they start high school

Instagram: @heidikstevens & @drjohnduffy

— Amy Bizzarri

Featured photo: StockSnap via Pixabay 


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