8 Natural Playgrounds to Run Wild At

Bye-bye, plastic playgrounds. We’ve found a slew of natural oases to cut loose in. Made from wood, stones and good old-fashioned dirt, they’re Earth’s way of saying “Have a blast!” Click through our album to discover eight playgrounds made from natural materials. Who needs bells and whistles when you have fun like this?

Garfield Park Conservatory’s Play & Grow Garden

Let’s face it: Toddlerhood is no cakewalk. There are play dates, tantrums, intense coloring sessions. Show your over-hyped youngster how to get in touch with nature at this oasis of chill. After wandering around the labyrinth, kids can unleash their musical side by playing the wooden xylophone, or deploy their inner daredevil by tightrope walking on a fallen log. From pebbles to mud pies, this natural haven offers a great hands-on experience for even the most 9-to-5 of preschoolers.

300 N. Central Park Ave.
Garfield Park
Online: garfield-conservatory.org

Do you know a natural playground that didn’t make our list? Let us know in the Comments below!

— Kelly Haramis


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