Playing on the beach? Been there, snapped that. Monkeying around at the playground? Yep, took that pic a billion times. If you need fresh photo ideas — and some new fodder for your Instagram feed — get a change of scenery and check out Chicago’s awesome street art. We think outdoor murals are the new photo studios and, whether you hire a pro or do the snapping yourself, you’ll love the color and urban edge. We took to the streets (and peeped some very amazing Instagram feeds) to bring you this list. Click through and get those smiles ready!

Ed Paschke Art Center – Jefferson Park

Late Chicago artist Ed Paschke is known for vibrant artworks with trippy patterns and colors. That in itself makes them appealing to kids. The biggest piece of eye candy is an image of Paschke’s "Luna Negra" painting that's on the outside wall of the Ed Paschke Art Center, a three-story Jefferson Park museum that has opened in his honor. The painting was transferred to a film wrap and was installed as a mural. Snap pics and go across the street to play in Jefferson Park.

Located at 5415 W. Higgins Ave. in Jefferson Park.

Do you have a favorite outdoor mural? Share it in the Comments!

— Amy Bizzarri & Kelly Aiglon

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