CleanBeeBaby Rescues Car Seats, Strollers, and More!

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Ugh. Your stroller just got the leaky diaper treatment. And that car seat? Well, it’s never been the same since the little miss got car sick. Fret no more, or should we say, stink no more, as CleanBeeBaby will come to your rescue and clean your baby gear! CEO & Founder Jennifer Beall started the company as a project in Kellogg Grad School and is now bringing her quick and handy cleaning service to life here in Los Angeles.

One quick phone call and Beall’s team will arrive at your home ready to quick steam car seats and strollers or any other items you need freshened up. It’s a perfect fix for that stroller or play yard that’s been stored away in anticipation of another child. And they do the messy work as well, cleaning up vomit, poop and that lovely paste of apple juice and O’s that adheres to every surface! CleanBeeBaby uses the organic line Babyganics as their primary cleaning agent, though it’s the steam that does most of the hard work getting out the germs, goo and grime.

In addition, CleanBeeBaby offers stroller repairs and tune-ups, with Bugaboo as their specialty. They are a trained Bugaboo team  and their staff will replace broken parts and do a tune-up (check the brakes, grease hinges and more.). They will also help you switch it from bassinet to seat mode, so all of your Bugaboo biz can be taken care of in one go.

Check their website to schedule an appointment at a location near you. Prices range from $19-$90 depending on the service.

—Lara Burnap