Cold weather gear is so hot right now

Okay, it’s actually a necessity, but cold weather gear is still trending at the moment. Of course, it’s winter, so that’s not surprising. Especially not to those of us who live in colder climates. And, since the winter solstice is this week, that means it’s officially chilly weather season. And although stocking up on gear to take it all on maybe doesn’t sound like the most fun way to celebrate, we can make your winter so much cozier with these clever products.

It’s not all puffy coats and boots. There are base layers, top layers, accessories…there are a ton of ways to keep your whole family warm and comfortable. And, since there are some brand new products in this list that we’ve never even seen before, you can be sure you’re nabbing the best heat helpers. Afterall, the idea of keeping our kids inside for the entire winter isn’t our favorite, and there are actually studies showing that there are lots of benefits to being outside even when it’s chilly. S0 here are a bunch of ways to stay warm while you’re out there.

Gobi Heat Basecamp Heated Base Layer Shirt

Gobi Heat

This sporty-chic shirt is designed to keep you warm, alone or under cozy layers. You control your level of warmth for 8 hours. It's basically a cute heated blanket. We might not take it off.

Gobi Heat Basecamp Heated Base Layer Shirt ($199.99)—Buy Here!

Paka Apparel The Hoodie

Paka Apparel

Made start to finish in Peru from eco-friendly alpaca fiber, this unisex hoodie is ultra-light, thermoregulating, odor-resistant, and softer than cashmere. It comes in 4 colors, which is good since it'll be your new favorite go-to.

Paka Apparel The Hoodie ($139.00)—Buy Here!

Women's Fleece-Lined Leggings


You don't have to give up your leggings aesthetic just because it's cold. These beauties come in multiple colors, in singles or sets of two. And they have pockets. 

Women's Fleece-Lined Leggings ($26.39)—Buy Here!

Mozy Wearable & Weatherproof Outdoor Thermal Wrap


The wearable lower-body thermal wrap that keeps you 500% warmer than a stadium blanket without bulky layers. We're talking staying warm without messing with losing the corner of your blanket or dragging it around. Available in 3 colors and 2 inclusive size ranges.

Mozy Wearable & Weatherproof Outdoor Thermal Wrap ($99.00)—Buy Here!

ActionHeat Adult 5V Universal Coat Heater

Dick's Sporting Goods

This 3-panel core heater fits right inside your jacket with velcro backing, so you can even move it from coat to coat. Plus, you can charge your phone with it, so it's basically a must-have this winter. 

ActionHeat Adult 5V Universal Coat Heater ($99.99)—Buy Here!

Yaktrax Walk Traction Cleats


Slide these grippers over your shoes to help you easily navigate snow, slush, and ice. Available in multiple sizes.

Yaktrax Walk Traction Cleats ($18.95)—Buy Here!

Stream2Sea Anti Fog Spray for Glasses & Lenses


Just spray this anti fog solution on your glasses, goggles, or other lenses, and it quickly and effectively keeps you seeing clearly.

Stream2Sea Anti Fog Spray for Glasses & Lenses ($9.56)—Buy Here!

Cotopaxi Fuego Down Hooded Pullover


It's like your favorite hoodie and favorite puffer coat in one packable piece. You'll want to wear it all season. Available in 3 colorways, and men's sizes, too.

Cotopaxi Fuego Down Hooded Pullover ($275.00)—Buy Here!

Pet Safe Snow & Ice Melt


This stuff is more effective than rock salt or magnesium chloride (so you can use less), and it uses calcium chloride pellets that are safe for your furry friends' paws.

Pet Safe Snow & Ice Melt ($27.95)—Buy Here!

Big Blanket Co. Sherpa Stretch Blanket

Big Blanket Co.

This extra thick, extra cozy, 10' x 10' (100 square feet) Sherpa Stretch blanket will keep you counting sheep, even on the chilliest nights. Perfect for bedding, movie nights, and camping, plus it comes in a bunch of colors and patterns.

Big Blanket Co. Sherpa Stretch Blanket ($249.00)—Buy Here!

Fur-Lined Baby Boots


We're swooning over these cozy baby boots. They come in lots of different colors and styles, and they're warm and soft for tiny little toes.

Fur-Lined Baby Boots ($29.99)—Buy Here!

ergobaby All Weather Resistant Baby Carrier Cover


Made with water-resistant, quilted outer shell and a soft, fleece-lined inner lining to keep baby warm and dry. Includes fleece-lined pockets for parents, so everyone stays nice and bundled up.

ergobaby All Weather Resistant Baby Carrier Cover ($75.00)—Buy Here!

3pk Merino Wool Beanies

Unbound Merino

Crafted in Canada from touchably soft, 100% Merino wool, this moisture-wicking beanie is a classic that you'll be wearing for years. And with this 3-pack, you can keep the family toasty (in your choice of colors).

3pk Merino Wool Beanies ($145.00)—Buy Here!

Kids Wicked Warm Long Underwear


Set them up for the day with super warm—well, Wicked Warm—base layers from L.L.Bean. Available in midweight and expedition weight, so they'll be comfortable no matter what the day brings.

Kids Wicked Warm Long Underwear ($19.95+)—Buy Here!

Kids' Waffle Base Layer Set

The North Face

The fully recycled fabric includes moisture-wicking FlashDry technology to help them stay playing and protected, and this set comes in 3 colorways, too.

Kids' Waffle Base Layer Set ($55.00)—Buy Here!

Kids' Snow Bank 4.0 Waterproof Boot

Stride Rite

Temperature rated all the way down to -25° F and made with waterproof materials, the insulated Kids' Snow Bank keeps feet warm and dry, and it comes in 3 colors to fit their budding style.

Kids' Snow Bank 4.0 Waterproof Boot ($55.00)—Buy Here!

Nuzzie Knit Weighted Blanket


Our open-knit design keeps you cozy in any climate, while the 100% recycled filling is eco-friendly and sustainable. Research shows that evenly-weighted blankets support more restful sleep, reduce anxiety, and boost serotonin. It's also super cozy and comes in multiple colors.

Nuzzie Knit Weighted Blanket ($159.00+)—Buy Here!

Weleda Baby Calendula Weather Protection Cream


This SPF-free cream helps protect delicate baby skin and buffer the effects of cold and wind. And of course, you can use it, too.

Weleda Baby Calendula Weather Protection Cream ($16.30)—Buy Here!

Wool Shoe Inserts 2pk


These faux wool shoe inserts are totally customizable to your shoe size and they add an extra layer of warmth for the cold season.

Wool Shoe Inserts 2pk ($9.59)—Buy Here!

Don’t Forget Pets

Oh Norman! Freeloader Dog Hoodie

Oh Norman!

Oh Norman! is a dog care line founded by Kaley Cuoco, and has the cutest gifts for dog lovers (all available for under $50). This Freeloader dog hoodie is adorable (and accurate), and the matching Caretaker hoodie for you will keep you both warm.

Oh Norman! Freeloader Dog Hoodie ($25.00)—Buy Here!

Dog Puffer Coat


Puffers aren't just for humans, and this one comes in multiple colors (and sizes, of course), plus a built-in harness for easy walking.

Dog Puffer Coat ($34.99)—Buy Here!

Paw Protector Shoes


Help them prevent slipping and freezing feets with these secure dog paw protectors, available in multiple colors and sizes.

Paw Protector Shoes ($28.99)—Buy Here!

Musher's Secret Dog Paw Wax


Musher's Secret creates an invisible layer of protection for their paws to prevent drying and cracking. Works for snow, hot pavement, rough terrains, and more, and is made from food-safe oils and waxes, so it's safe even if they're lickers.

Musher's Secret Dog Paw Wax ($15.99)—Buy Here!


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