These Are the Top 10 Cold Stone Creamery Flavors of the Year

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Valentine’s Day is the most loving of all holidays. In celebration of the mass amounts of amore on this special day, Cold Stone Creamery is releasing its top 10 list of most-loved ice cream flavors in 2020.

Using online ordering data, Cold Stone Creamery put together a comprehensive list of the top 10 single flavor picks, the most popular signature Creations, the most ordered Mix-Ins and the top ice cream cakes. The list ranges from traditional faves to candy-like concoctions.

photo courtesy of PR Newsfoto/ Cold Stone Creamery 

Cold Stone Creamery’s top 10 flavors ice cream enthusiasts loved in 2020 include (in order of popularity):

  1. Cake Batter
  2. Chocolate
  3. French Vanilla
  4. Sweet Cream
  5. Cheesecake
  6. Coffee
  7. Strawberry
  8. Mint
  9. Classic Cookie Dough
  10. Cotton Candy

The most popular Cold Stone Creamery signature Creations include Birthday Cake Remix, Chocolate Devotion, Peanut Butter Cup Perfection, Founder’s Favorite, and Coffee Lovers Only. Brownies were the number one Mix-In. The other winning picks include OREO cookies, cookie dough, caramel and fudge. Cookies & Creamery and Tall, Dark & Delicious were the two top ice cream cakes.

Sara Schmillen, vice president of marketing at Kahala Brands, parent company of Cold Stone Creamery, said in a press release, “We know there are all kinds of love—familial, friendship, romantic, self-love… And to celebrate all that love, we’re sharing a list of most-loved ice cream flavors with our guests this Valentine’s Day.” Schmillen added, “No matter what type of love you’re celebrating this Valentine’s Day, we hope to continue bringing people together over our sweet treats.”

Visit Cold Stone Creamery’s website here for online ordering info.

—Erica Loop



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