Ever Wonder What Those Colored Bread Tags Mean? Read This

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Have you found yourself digging through your grocer’s shelf of bread, looking for the freshest and softest loaf? Now you don’t have to look quite so long thanks to this simple hack.

It turns out, those colorful plastic tag on your bread actually means something! According to Reader’s Digest, each color represents the day the bread was baked, giving you the leg up on snagging that luscious loaf.

photo: Canva

Many commercial bakers adhere to a strict schedule that involves baking five days a week (they take Wednesdays and Sundays off), so each tag coordinates with which day it was baked. Worried you won’t remember which day is which? Each color is alphabetical by the day of the week!

  • Monday:blue
  • Tuesday: green
  • Thursday: red
  • Friday: white
  • Saturday:yellow

Not only does the array of colors help consumers snag the freshest bread, but it’s also a simple way to help employees circulate the bread so fresh loaves are moved in first. Happy bread shopping!

––Karly Wood



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