Being a parent has its ups and downs: one minute you’re getting high-fives over your epic waffles and the next you’re battling a three-year-old over slip-on shoes. Here are a few of our favorite quotes from comedians on the fine art of parenting. Have a laugh and soldier on, even if the playdate has turned your house into a national disaster.

1. When your sweetheart throws sand/a train/soapy water at your face.

2. Because sleep is so overrated.

                                                          photo: veronicakai via flickr

3. Spoons are for banging on things, not eating. 

photo: tianderson via flickr

4. More foolproof than blaming the dog.

5. Relive your wild college years. 

photo: theloushe via flickr

What’s your favorite funny quote on parenting? Share it with us in the comments below!

—Amber Guetebier & Christal Yuen

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