20 Compliments Anyone Needs to Hear

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While there is an official Something Nice Day, we think the idea of spreading kindness and compliments should happen every day of the year. Show your kids that a few kind words go a long way. Scroll down for a few compliments you can pay to the people in your life.

photo: Bessi via pixabay

Compliments for Kids

Experts agree that specific praise (What a nice job you did writing your name) boost self-esteem more than general compliments (You are so smart!). Here’s a few examples:
You did a great job putting your shoes on.

I like your singing voice. Please sing me another song.

Very nice writing skills.

Good job making your bed.

You are so good at making me laugh.

You have a beautiful smile. It makes me so happy to see it.

When you do a good job, it makes me feel proud.

I love your choice of colors.

Compliments at a Restaurant/Service

These compliments are pretty universal. Try one at the local coffee shop or even the person who put you on hold at the cable company (patience is a virtue!):

You did a great job listening to us. Thank you.

I appreciate how calm you are amidst chaos.

You were our favorite part of lunch.

Thank you for being so prompt!

You really are poised no matter how busy it gets. It’s impressive.

You made us feel welcome and that made my day.

Compliments to the chef!

Compliments for Teachers & Caregivers

Although they dole out the praise to your little ones, it’s not often enough we give it back to them.

I am always moved by how patient and kind you are.

I wanted you to know how much my kids admire you.

I love how attentive you are to every child here. It’s amazing.

You have really made a difference in my child’s life.

You are a source of inspiration for my kid.

What’s the best compliment you’ve received? Share it with us in the comments. 

—Amber Guetebier