12 Compliments Every Teacher Needs to Hear

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If there’s ever a group of people who deserve to be called unsung heroes, it has to be teachers. These individuals nurture and care for our kids every day, all while helping them learn the skills to be productive in school and life. This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, so you may be wondering how to say thank you to your kiddo’s teacher. Here are 12 compliments you and your kids can give teachers.

1. Thank you. Sometimes those two simple words are good enough.

2. You care about your students. Judi Holst, a Language Arts teacher at Rocky Heights Middle School in Colorado, said the best compliment she received from a student was that she genuinely cares for her students’ lives and all the things that involve being in middle school.

3. I want to learn more about this. Nothing excites a teacher more than when they hear from a student that they want to learn. Have your kiddo verbalize that desire for knowledge. It will make the teacher's day.

4. My kiddo came home and tried to teach me what they learned in your classGeorge Bartuska, an Engineering/Aerospace teacher at Central Florida Aerospace Academy of Kathleen High School in Florida, said the best compliment he received was from a parent who shared with him not only how much their kid enjoyed his classes, but also how they've come home and explained some of the activities or classroom discussions.

5. I'm excited to come to class. If a teacher knows what they're doing is getting students excited, then they realize they're doing a good job.

6. You are what our family needs. Lynn Thedell, a preschool teacher in San Diego, was told by a parent that her class was exactly what their family needed when they were going through a difficult time with their kiddo.

7. We appreciate you. You can always say "thank you." But telling a teacher you appreciate them expresses a different level of gratitude.

8. You helped my kiddo understand this differently. Teaching is not only helping kids understand new concepts, but it's also helping them reexamine how they think. That recognition is sometimes even more powerful.

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9. Thank you for connecting with my kiddo. According to the National Education Association, the best teachers care about the relational aspect of teaching along with imparting knowledge. Let them know you recognize that effort they're making.

10. Thank you for respecting my kiddo like a person. This may seem like a simple idea, but you may be surprised how many kids don't feel like their teacher has respect for the people they are.

11. You're a great sub. Shannon Giles, a substitute teacher in Indiana said receiving that compliment meant the world to her. If you have a favorite sub, don't forget to tell them you appreciate them and think they're awesome too.

12. You make learning fun. Not everyone likes school. If your kiddo is having fun during the day, your teacher is doing something right.

—Leah R. Singer

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