With summer coming to a close and school starting up, it’s the time of year you’re likely seeing more of your fellow moms. Whether it’s at a PTA meeting or a playground, a little compliment from a fellow mama can make your day (or even your year!). Scroll down for a few of encouraging words to try out and put a smile on another mom’s face because you know she needs it.

photo: Jordan Whitt via Unsplash

1. You are a great mom.

This might sound like a general or benign comment, but when you think about how hard moms work to make sure their kids are happy, healthy and good citizens, it actually means the world to be acknowledged as a great mom!

2. You deserve it.

Whether it’s 5 minutes alone with your phone and a cup of coffee or an hour at the gym, mom guilt often keeps us from doing what is best for ourselves (and our bodies). Mamas, the message is loud and clear: you deserve it! The time you dedicate to yourself will make you a better mom overall, and no one can complain about that. And remember, massages should be viewed as routine, preventative care, not an indulgence (just sayin…).

3. I get it.

Letting a fellow mom know that not only do you understand what she is going through, you empathize. It doesn’t matter if it’s a kid throwing a tantrum or listening to a mom vent about the work-life balance: moms just want to be understood and acknowledged that the struggle is real.

photo: Bruno Nascimento via Unsplash

4. They will be okay without you.

Find that weepy-eyed kindergarten mom who just dropped her sweetie off for the first.time.ever. in big-kid school and give her a big, giant hug. It’s okay to leave, as hard as it can be.

5. This is totally worth it.

All the shuttling, juggling, guilt, stress and endless hours of joy, laughter, and silliness: it’s all worth it. You are raising an amazing person, doing the best you can, and it is worth it.

photo: StockSnap via Pixabay

6. My kids do that, too.

When your kid is reverting back to toddler-like tantrums at the age of 8, nothing will make you feel better or more normal than hearing another parent say, “My kids do that too!” Commiserating with other moms can help you feel less alone and like you can actually handle whatever comes your way.

7. You look great today!

If you notice another mom’s new haircut or stylish shoes, say something! Moms tend to put themselves last on the “getting ready” train, especially during hectic mornings so anytime we get a compliment about looking even moderately put together, that’s a big win.

8. Trust your gut.

When we’re faced with big choices (or sometimes even medium-sized ones) we moms have all felt that instinctive answer to whatever decisions we are trying to make: it’s called your mom gut and we’re not talking about the one you keep hoping will “go away” when you keep up your Pilates. No one will encourage you to trust that instinct more than another mom, and nobody will give you props for doing like your mom tribe, either. When you know, you know.

What do you want to say to other moms? Comment below! 

—Amber Guetebier

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