Imagine a place where kids scrub dishes, scoop up mounds of toys, and even clean the microwave. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Infuse your cleaning efforts with some innovative fun to help make this dream a reality. We’ve found five cool things that will make clean up time more exciting for your little helpers, so read on for the scoop.

1. The Dirty Dunk
She shoots, she scores! Laundry gets a major assist with the Dirty Dunk, a modern take on the classic over-the-door laundry basket. The new design comes with sturdy, padded metal hooks, a 12’’ metal rim, and is easily assembled. The 45” enclosed nylon net has plenty of space for clothes and encourages kids to play their way to a cleaner room.

Available at, $34.99.

2. Eruption Disruption
Turn a household chore into an awesome science experiment with the Eruption Disruption. Let your tiny helpers add the right amount of water and vinegar to the volcano, pop it into the microwave for five to eight minutes, then wipe away dirt and grime with ease. It comes in four different color combos, a two-year warranty, and plenty of questions about why vinegar works as a cleaning agent (now would be a good time to review your science facts!).

Available on, $12.99.

3. Boon Mini Brush
Talk about serious flower power! Made from tough silicone to prevent molding and bristle blowout, this cheerful scrubber is a perfect first sponge for your little helper. It’s ideal for easy-to-clean items, and the brightly colored petals will brighten anyone’s day.

Available at, $9.99.

4. The Mess Up Tray
Your kid’s pile of LEGO has finally met its match. Designed with a wide, extra deep bin and a special squeegee scoop, the Mess Up Tray will make a clean catch of almost anything—LEGO, cereal, even liquids—so those moments when you need a whole roll of paper towels for one mess will be long gone. Best part? It works quickly, so kids won’t be stuck picking up minifigs for an hour. And for little ones, more play time is always a good thing.

Available at, $12.95.

5. Stridepost App
There’s nothing like checking a box off your to-do list. Stridepost is a new motivational app that teaches kids how to be responsible for chores, schoolwork, and extracurricular activities. It includes a family calendar and message wall, and a to-do tracker, which allows kids to check off completed jobs and tasks (or add their own). The allowance tracker tallies up points earned for each item and the coolest part? You can decide on rewards in advance—like a night out at the movies, or additional screen time—and your kids can redeem or save their hard-earned points on their own terms.

Available on iTunes and GooglePlaythe first 90 days are free, $49.99 for the rest of the year.

Do you have any fun gear to get your kids excited about cleaning up? Share with us in a Comment below!

—Gabby Cullen

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