Go-To Gifts That’ll Encourage the Big Kids to Join in on Family Fun

Let’s face it, getting adolescents and high schoolers to get off their phones and engaged in family time is no easy feat. While it’s almost second nature for them to act disinterested in games (or toys!), parents know that within them is still a yearning for some fun and imagination—despite the fact that they’ll deny it with every fiber in their bodies.

To get your oldest kids involved with the family this holiday season, we’ve compiled The Toy Insider’s top picks that are certain to unleash their imaginative side.

Gifts Adolescents Will Think Are Cool

Snap Circuits Junior


So many toys in one box! With snap-together building pieces, tweens can assemble real electronic circuits. Think: radios, alarms, doorbells and more.


National Geographic Mega Earth Science Kit


This massive science kit features 15 experiments, including dueling tornadoes, building an erupting volcano, growing a crystal, two geologic dig kits and more.


Trestle Tracks Deluxe


Builders will love constructing this mesmerizing marble-track experience with invisible slopes & multiple paths to propel marbles forward.


Shimmer 'n Sparkle Light Up Beauty Studio


With real make up, a ring light and built-in phone stand, your creative talent-in-training will love recording fun and inspiring tutorials.


Vital Hero


This wearable wristband, with a built-in vital activity monitor, allows your child to battle Digital Monsters by using physical challenges to fuel play.


Match Madness


This tactile puzzle game gets players thinking fast! Kids will use blocks to quickly recreate extensive black & white patterns shown on a card.


Family-Friendly Gifts That’ll Include Your High Schooler

What Do You Meme? - Better Than Yesterday


Whether it's complimenting a stranger or trying a new food, your highschooler can complete 365 self-improvement challenges.


Nintendo Switch Sports


Turn your real-world actions into in-game movements and compete in soccer, volleyball, bowling, tennis, badminton and Chambara (swordplay). Play together in person or online.


Ultra Bionic Blaster


Future engineers will construct an air-powered robotic glove that launches safe, foam darts. Kids will learn about how pressurized air can move objects.


LEGO® Technic App-controlled Transformation Vehicle


This app-controlled, 2-in-1 transforming LEGO vehicle will flip when it hits a wall. It’s perfect for teens who love fast-paced vehicle action.


Kanoodle® Game


Kanoodle rose to popularity after going viral on TikTok. Each set includes 200 puzzles, playable in either 2D or 3D.


Laser X Revolution Ultra Long-Range Blaster


Turn your backyard into a laser tag battleground. With 500' of blaster power, your family can light up the afternoon with active fun.



To discover even more gift options for the teens and tweens in your life, check out The Toy Insider’s expansive holiday guide, or head to our gift generator here to find toys based on your child’s personality and interests!


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