Here’s How to Guarantee Your Kids Will Take a Bath Every Day

Got a reluctant bather or maybe your kiddos are a little bored with the soap and water routine? We figured out 10 epic ways to makeover the ordinary bath into something that rivals scenes from Jurassic Park. And the best part? It’s safe, creative and easy to pull off. Well, actually, the best part is your kids get clean but the fun-factor is cool too! Scroll down to get inspired.

photo: Asia Citro

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1. Dinosaur Bath Bombs
Bombs Away!!! Make a few dinosaur bath bombs with a DIY recipe from Asia at Fun at Home with Kids. Kids will get a kick out of watching their mini-dino “hatch.” This activity works great in the tub or just in a pan of water. Find out how Asia perfected her recipe by checking out the entire tutorial at Fun at Home with Kids.

photo: Asia Citro

2. Glow-in-the-Dark Bath
Add this one to the list of things your kids will want to do over and over again. While they might not get exactly clean, the fun factor is off the charts. Curious to know what makes this water glow? Skip over to Fun at Home with Kids for the secret (and safe!) ingredients for this brilliant bath.

Photo: Crystal Underwood

3. Make a Water Wall
Plastic bottles are so much more than drinking vessels. In this case, they are the materials for creating a killer water wall. Crystal of Growing a Jeweled Rose, a.k.a. the queen of bathtime, offers up an easy-peasy project designed to help kids master the perfect pour. Find out how it’s done by hopping over to Growing a Jeweled Rose.

photo: Kristin Gentry

4. Homemade Bath Paint
Paint your way to cleaner fingers and toes with homemade bath paint. We absolutely love the recipe from creative mama Kristin at Kojo Designs. Mix up stuff we know you’ve got lying around, pour and paint! Find out what to use and how to get the texture just right by grabbing the how-to over at Kojo Designs.

Photo: Kylie Gardner

5. Easy Soap Crayons
Kids will always jump at the chance to scribble on something that isn’t paper. Give your approval and better yet, provide the tools! Make a batch of soap crayons with just three ingredients, mold into favorite shapes and leave out to dry before taking them into the tub. For tips and tricks from craft creator Kylie, visit Childhood 101.


photo: Chrystal Underwood

6. Host a Beach Bath
Jonesing for sun, surf and sand? Throw your own beach bash right in the tub. Shells, beach balls, blue water and bathing beauties make for one sunshine filled afternoon. We love how Chrystal whipped up a batch of bath sensory sand. Get the low-down on this easy themed bath over at Bath Activities for Kids. Surfs up!

Photo: What We Do All Day

7. Ice Fishing
There’s nothing fishy about this neat-o way to liven up bath time. Erica of What We Do All Day froze large cubes of play fish and other sea creatures, tossed them into the tub and watched her two boys dive and dump the melting ice. We love the easy (and cool) aspect of this activity—all you need is a freezer! Head over to What We Do All Day for the tutorial.

carbath_ Samantha Soper_Caetano_bathfun_bathtime_national_redtricycle
Photo: Samantha Soper-Caetano

8. Things That Go Vroom Bath
Start your engines and gear up for a swift and speedy trip around the racetrack (we like to call it the tub!) Blogger mom Samantha offers up her own clever take on baths with a kid-friendly car theme. Find out why the best part is those color coordinated road signs by tripping over to Stir the Wonder.

Photo: Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

9. Lemon Scented Bath Ice
This sensory bath looks and smells delicious. The color is vivid and with a few yellow colored bath toys, this is a color lesson kids will be begging to take. Find out how to get the color just right on those cubes and for more ideas about colored baths, head over to Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails.

photo: In Lieu of Preschool

10. Hot Lava Paint
It’s an explosion of creativity and wonder in the bath with a volcano themed bath like the one Genny of In Lieu of Preschool set up for her two kids. Shaving cream is a go-to tool for kicking bath time up a notch—it smells great and cleans up in a flash—-so this easy red lava paint is a winner in our book. Add tiny dinos for fantasy play and be on your way. Find out how to make the perfect volcano shape by checking out the entire post over at In Lieu of Preschool.

photo: Ashley Kagan

11. Water Balloon Bath
If you think water balloons are just for hot summer days, think again. Throw a few in the tub with your kiddo and suddenly, the bath just got interesting. Fill a few with water, fill a few with air. For more on this simple but totally awesome bath idea, head over to Play at Home Mom LLC.

Editor’s Note: We at Red Tricycle encourage cool ways to play. That being said, please supervise kids in and around water and materials at all times. Cheers! 

What’s your favorite way to give bath time a boost? Shout about it in the comments below!

—Gabby Cullen


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