If you find yourself cleaning out the toy box for what seems like the thousandth time, stop short of making a desperate grab for the garbage bag. Instead of tossing old toys, consider dusting them off and using them in one of the cool upcycle ideas we found. From DIY plastic animal wall hooks to puzzle piece fridge magnets, scroll down for more ideas on how to give old toys new homes.

Turn an Old Jenga Set into a Necklace Rack

Brit Co

Maybe that Jenga set is missing a few blocks. That makes it a perfect contender for one of these chic necklace racks spotted over at Brit + Co

Make a Bubble Wand an Airplane

The Homes I Have Made

By adding propellers, wings and a tail, The Homes I Have Made transformed a Dollar Store bubble wand into an awesome party favor. Pop over to the blog for the tutorial.

Add Some Flair to Your Succulents

Quinn Dombrowski via Flickr

Provide protection for your plants by positioning a few old toy soldiers around the house. We love the idea of making this a scavenger hunt—how many can your kiddos find?

Make a Firetruck Lamp

Jasmine Orchard Styling

Use your old trucks and cars to convert into an awesome lamp. Hop on over to Jasmine Orchard Styling to take a peek at her props and for more ideas.

Turn an Old Tricycle into a Planter

Skitter Photo via Pexels

This might be our favorite of all the upcyle ideas! Turn your kids' old tricycle into a flower planter to give your yard or patio a vintage feel. In His Grip has a great tutorial you can adapt to your own style.  

Make Hooks Out of Dollar Store Animals

Tsuki Fox via Little Gray Fox

The dollar animals your kid had to have just got interesting (at least, for you!). Crafter Tsuki Fox came up with several ways to use those little creatures—we especially dig the magnetic jewelry hooks! Head over to Little Gray Fox for the how-to on a super unique way to display your baubles.

Create a Playmobil Clock

Jenny Kearney via The Gingerbread House

What time is it? Time to use Playmobil people to make a kitschy clock. These little guys are awesome for imaginary play and, it would seem, a totally cool addition to counting the minutes go by. It’s an easy project—we promise! Find out how it’s done by heading over to The Gingerbread House.

Add Dinosaurs to Bookends

Natalie Shaw via Doodlecraft

A dino-tastic way to keep books in order. Your budding paleontologist will get a kick out of seeing his favorite prehistoric pal propping up his go-to nighttime stories. We love the bright colors and easy (hot glue gun alert!) DIY for this project. Pop on over to Doodlecraft for the entire tutorial.

Turn LEGO into a Phone Charger

Steve Goodwin via Marquis de Geek

If you’ve got a surplus of LEGO bricks, or your kids have outgrown their stash, then this cool DIY LEGO device charger is right up your alley. Builder, blogger and dad Steve offers up an easy-to-follow tutorial over at Marquis de Geek.

Design a Toy Lamp


Light up their life with an enchanting toy lamp. Head on over to Indigamethyst for the scoop.

Whip up a Few Puzzle Piece Magnets

Liz Stanley via Momtastic

Puzzles are a great way to pass the day but make no mistake, they are a recipe for mess-making. How many sets do you have at home missing an animal, car, plane or train? By creating magnets, you’ll open up a whole new world of play. This is upcycling at its finest! To get the details on the games and the how-to, head over to Momstastic.

Craft a Toy Wreath

mcleod on flickr

What to do with all of those old toys and figurines? Make a fun toy wreath! You can use either a wire wreath from your local craft store or an old hula hoop. Affix the figurines and old toys with wire and hot glue.

Fashion a Toothbrush Holder

Kilworth Simmonds via Flickr

Make their nightly brushing routine even more fun with a cool toothbrush holder.

— Gabby Cullen, Lauren Hill and Erin Lem



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