Need some roses for your love? Costco has you covered

News flash: Costco Valentine’s Day rose sale is back! Here’s the scoop on the sweet deals you can score on Costco roses, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

It’s true that rising prices are being felt everywhere in 2024, and Costco’s deal on roses is no exception. This year, the cost to pre-order the Valentine’s Day bunches (with guaranteed delivery) is $64.99—but it’s still an amazing offer if we do say so ourselves. You can’s get 50 long-stem roses for $64.99 anywhere else that we know of. And there’s a wide assortment: all-red bouquets, all-white bouquets, hot pink and light pink bouquets, lavender bouquets, and bouquets with shades of pink, red, and white.


Members and non-members alike can snag this preorder-only deal by placing their order from now until no later than Feb. 12 by 11 a.m. PST. But be forewarned, this is one hot deal and supplies are likely to run out before then.

Shoppers can choose delivery dates of Jan. 31- Feb. 2, Feb. 6-9, and Feb. 13. Deliveries may occur one day before or one day after the selected date (so if you want Valentine’s Day delivery choose Feb. 13). All deliveries include free shipping and handling (taxes still apply). Non-members can also get in on the deal, but they will have to pay a 5% surcharge.


These beautiful bouquets all have 50-centimeter stems, are Rainforest Alliance Certified, and come from Costco’s South American farms. Costco prides itself on running socially responsible farms, so you know these beauties are coming from a wonderful place.

The order of 50 roses comes in two bundles of 25 stems and without a vase. It’s probably wise to start shopping for a vase (or two) that can handle 50 of these gorgeous flowers!

Insider’s Tip: If you want to send someone roses “just because,” it’s only $49.99 for 50 roses, but remember, this deal isn’t available around Valentine’s Day.


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