This couple planning a Disney trip for their family ended up in a cringey TikTok back-and-forth over the division of their labor

Anyone who’s ever planned a family vacation knows that they’re no walk in the park—from transportation to activities, outfit planning, packing, budgeting, and every other logistic that needs to be considered, planning a trip for a family can quickly become the reason you need a vacation. And Disney trips are like that on steroids—in addition to all the regular logistics, a Disney trip also requires buying park passes, making dining reservations, subscribing to Genie Plus, getting Magic Bands, making ride reservations. It may be the most magical place on Earth, but the months leading up to it may destroy your soul.

And then we have this TikTok couple. Mallory Lee Richardson and her husband, Rhett Richardson, have plans to take their two young kids to Disney—and we sympathize. Really, we do. They’re likely both stressed out of their gourds, but in one of the cringiest moves we’ve seen in a while, they decided to take it to the internet and start publically calling each other out for what each of them perceived as an unequal division of labor while they plan the trip.

Mallory, whose TikTok is filled with Disney planning videos, posted this, where she complains about her husband’s lack of involvement in figuring out the logistics of the trip.


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“I love my husband and he’s a very hands-on dad,” she explains in the video, “But let me tell you right now, that man has no idea what we’re even doing in Disney.”

Mallory continues, “He has no idea where we’re going to eat, he has no idea what we’re packing, he has no idea what we need at the parks, he has no idea what the kids are wearing. Like what is a life to just show up at Disney and not have to plan any of it?”

That’s a solid point. Planning a Disney vacation, especially with two young kids involved, is a massive undertaking. If I had a husband who was this clueless while I took on all that mental labor, I’d be pretty frustrated, too. Not that I would make a TikTok about it, but to each their own?

To make matters worse, Rhett then clapped back, also on TikTok for the whole world to see.

“This girl has no idea what the credit card charges are,” he says in his video, stitched to Mallory’s original post. “She has no idea about the bills… what’s it like to just go around swiping a piece of plastic all day?”

Anyone else rolling their eyes so hard they might sprain something?

Division of labor in heterosexual couples is a very real topic. There’s so much evidence that women often shoulder an unfair burden of housework, childcare, and mental load. Mallory’s complaint is absolutely valid. Her husband should be more involved in a huge undertaking like planning a family trip.

But his comeback? Ugh. The way this pair is taking jabs at each other on a public forum like this is just so disrespectful. Couples counseling exists for a reason, and these videos are definitely it.

Let’s hope the government actually bans TikTok so their kids don’t have to see this when they get older.

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