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How to Redeem Tinybeans App Subscription Coupons

So, you just received a coupon code to use for your Tinybeans app subscription and are wondering, how do I redeem this code? Well, buckle in and pay attention because we are here to share exactly that information with you!

  1. Go to the website – look at you overachievers, you’re already here
  2. Click on the ‘Start a Trial’ button on the top right of the site screen
  3. Click ‘Start your free trial’ button to navigate to this page:
  4. Enter in all the information needed to set up your account including whether you want a yearly or monthly subscription (keep in mind the code you are using, if it is a % or # off a yearly subscription, select the yearly option)
  5. At the checkout page, you will be asked your card information and also enter in the code that you received
  6. You redeemed the code! Great work :)

If you received an email or coupon link from our team or a partner and are signed in to your Tinybeans account on our website, please follow this second set of instructions!

  1. Click the link and log in to your Tinybeans account
  2. Select an annual plan
  3. Your code will automatically apply
  4. Check out and enjoy!

Experiencing any redemption issues? We are here to help, just reach out to to contact our team!