Crayola Expands “Colors of the World” Collection to Over 40 Skin Tones

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It’s been almost a year since Crayola released its line of newly formulate crayons that represent 40 global skin tones with the new Colors of the World collection. Now, the brand is back with new products for even more artistic fun.

In addition to crayons, kids can now get their little hands on new Colors of the World colored pencils ($4.99) and markers ($6.99)! Both products come in 24-counts and of represent 40 global skin tones.

Colors of the World includes 24 colors that children of all ethnicities, cultures and races can use to better represent themselves through their creativity. Crayola spent over eight months researching and working with a founding partner of MAC Cosmetics, Victor Casale, who has over 30 years of experience in creating diverse foundation colors.

Together, Victor and Crayola’s product development team designed crayon colors with three undertones: Rose, Almond and Golden. Additionally, the crayons include a range of skin tone colors from Extra Light to Deepest.

Each crayon box includes side panels with color references and crayons that are wrapped with a skin tone label. Realistic color names will be listed in English, Spanish and French.

Crayola Colors of the World crayons come in a 24-count pack and are available now at You can also snag the 32-count box sold exclusively at Walmart that has four additional hair and four eye color crayons. You can find them at for $1.77 each.

––Karly Wood



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